Open Discussion: May 14th, 2017
(Last Updated On: May 14, 2017)

Welcome to May 14th, 2017, edition of OAG Open Discussion series that takes a look at games and other mediums. This series ranges from past, present and future related topics mainly about video games, however you are more than welcome to share other interesting information unrelated to the subject.

This week’s topic is about what is your favorite arcade game. Preferably found at some arcade place, parlor, or maybe on your home console. My favorite arcade game would have to be Terminator 2 the Arcade Game. I remember encountering the game twice and having a blast.

The first encounter was at some ice rink place where the arcade of T2 was near a lunch area while the second encounter was at my cousin’s birthday party. This place was pretty big and had a lot of activities for kids to do stuff, and I remember the arcade machine was in some dark room tucked in the back of the place.

If you don’t know how the arcade machine looked, TNT Amusements Inc. has a video that covers the old arcade machine and how it functions — video starts around 0:31.

I also owned the Sega version of T-2 the Arcade Game, too. If you want you can watch a long play that World of Longplays posted up of the Sega Genesis version.

That was back in the day where if you were too short you just couldn’t play the game, unless you dragged a stool over so that you could pop a coin in and take control of whatever arcade game was available.

With that said, though, I do wish that there was a more recent Terminator game made today that focused around Judgement Day. It would be pretty cool to play as a resistance rebel against ridicules enemies — A.K.A. Terminators — with laser weapons. And let’s not count that abomination known as Terminator Salvation: The Game, which was more than miserable. I would love to play a game with the atmosphere of Kyle Reese’s dream or nightmare in T-1.

I like the setup, the desolation, the despair of the scene and the constant moving between cover to cover; making the Human Killer Tank and Human Killer Aerials seem much more dangerous in that being spotted by them will only lead to death. I would just love to see a game with today’s tech explore something like the above.

Anyway, what is your favorite arcade game? Remember you do not have to stay on topic if you have something pressing or random that you wish to share in the comments.

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  • tajlund

    There were so many good arcade games.

    I remember a couple of good Terminator games for the PC a long time ago, the problem was that they wanted to do more than the tech could achieve at the time. Skynet, Future Shock, a couple more I forget.

  • Gaijin-

    The arcade I used to go had that T2 machine along with a big Afterburner one that simulated the cockpit of the F14. It moved around as you controlled the plane and it was a blast to play. Expensive as hell, too.

  • Disqusted

    When I was a kid, I tried to play arcade fighting games at every opportunity. Street Fighter 2, Alpha, 3. The crossover fighters. King of Fighters, Art of Fighting. Mortal Kombat 1-4. Aliens vs Predator, etc, etc. So glad we have emulation now, or those games would all be lost forever.

    The problem back then was they always seemed to put arcades in stupid places, like behind cinemas where you have to pay for a movie to gain access, or in seedy places largely populated by drug addicts and gang members. Not exactly kid-friendly. Remember the “Winners don’t do drugs!” screens?

    I get the impression that was a global issue. Sometimes Japanese streams I watch have talked about how they’re afraid of game centers because the kind of people who frequent them tend to be delinquents. No idea if that’s still the case now, but I guess it might be. Regular people are probably too busy to go to arcades.

    Never understood the behind cinemas thing. I mean, people who want to see a movie are probably just going to go see the movie and leave. Meanwhile, the arcade parlour places tended to cost a lot more than other places. It’s like everybody didn’t want people playing their expensive arcade game machines.

    I was probably the only person who just wanted to play through the fighters in single player and beat the end boss. People kept challenging me until they eventually beat me. What a pain up the ass that was.

    One arcade game I always wanted to try but never did, was the Sonic Blast Man Punch. Would be nice to have a moddable game like that, where you can replace the target with things you don’t like.

    Another interesting arcade game I heard about but never saw was this table flipping game:

    • Disqusted

      By the way, I saw this and wanted to share it. Hilariously sad, but true.

      • Disqusted

        Man, I just happened to see a Shovel Knight article on Polygon (the first I’ve ever actually looked at) and it harped on about gender spectrum bullshit. What the f**k. F**k Polygon.

  • Arcade games? Well, I’ll admit that playing Hydro Thunder in an arcade made me want to buy it on console. Still have an N64 cart of it.

  • RichardGristle

    Oh man… So hard to choose favorite arcade games. I could talk about that all day long.

    Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat (I and II), and Killer Instinct definitely round out my top 3 fighters. I loved the Primal Rage machine as well – the one with the bigass screen and surround sound.

    On the topic of light shooters, I remember playing a lot of Revolution X, Operation WOLF, and Lethal Enforcers back in the day. Also this cool but cheesy two-player Jurassic Park game where you had to sit in one of the Jeeps.

    TMNT, Simpsons, Gauntlet Legends, and Aliens vs. Predator were amazing beat ’em ups.

    1943 and Raiden for shmups.

    The king still has to be those Neo Geo machines with like 10 games on them.