Open Discussion: May 7th, 2017
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

Once again another entry in the ongoing OAG Open Discussion has come around as of May 7th. All topics are welcomed — whether they are random and unrelated, or regarding video games — and here to stay without any form of censorship.

Every week there’s an Open Discussion that covers something random about video games. This series can veer from video games and can move on to other mediums and topics — which is more than welcome in the comment section. This week, however, is about video game Remasters.

I’m sure a lot of you have wanted to play a game sometime back in the day or never had the chance to play a game but wished to play it as of today with better tech, but there’s no real way of obtaining it without dishing out a lump some of cash for an old system and a copy of the game. Well, remasters make it possible to play older games on newer tech without paying out an arm and a leg.

Usually remasters bring forth the same quality and gameplay that a title had originally back when it first released; unlike some remakes, which seem to garner mixed reactions like Final Fantasy 7‘s upcoming iteration.

The point is, a remastered version of a game can breathe life into a sleeper hit, a successful franchise or just a fun game in general that may have slipped by your radar.

Remasters are not only able to shine light on a game or series that may have become forgotten over time or that’s in need of a modern version, but they can also strike a cord among gamers and open them up to some of the gems from the past.

With that said, what remastered game are you looking forward to or what game do you wish would receive the remaster treatment? And remember it can be a list of games or just one game, or if you want it can be something unrelated that is on your mind.

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  • EroBotan

    So Ahok lose the election by a very big margin with only 40% votes. If you don’t know him, he’s the target of hatred by that islamist Marvel comic artist Ardian Syaf who is against electing non-moslem as a leader. Since non-moslem are around 10% of Indonesian demographic, we can roughly estimate that only 30% who votes for him are moslems. And to make matters worse, Ahok is jailed because of blasphemy law. The funny thing is the prosecutors don’t find him guilty of blasphemy and only charge him for 1 year for disturbing public affairs but the judge punish him with 2 years in jail using blasphemy law anyway ..

  • Going to completely disregard the topic here, but…

    If you’re someone who played World of Tanks or Armored Warfare, but was always pissed off because of those fucking backline artillery players raining hell down on you? Well, Infinite Tanks might be just what you need.

    Sure, any tank can equip a mortar as a secondary weapon(or a mine layer); but mortars in this game #1) have REALLY short ranges, so you’ll know there’s someone just over that ridge or behind that building if you’re getting mortared; and #2) they’ve got a VERY long reload time, granted, I’ve only just started playing and only have basic gear, but the mortar I’ve got takes a whole 40 seconds to reload.

    And better yet is the game’s spotting system. Instead of never seeing the enemy tanks until an ally gets them in spotting range, they’re all rendered at all times. However, it’s still possible to use stealth because you’re not spotted passively until you get right up in their face. Instead, they have to aim their gun at you(though the spotting is in a cone, rather than only on the crosshairs) in order to spot you for their allies.

    I can already see myself having a lot of fun with this game.

    • giygas

      I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the draconian singleplayer DRM tied to potato servers and the centralized multiplayer.

  • LurkerJK

    I am fine with remasters but they really have no ideas left do they ?

    Hopefully they will inspire sequels for some games

    I am not that happy about the prices being asked for them tho, 50usd is ridiculous for something like bullestorm’s remaster

    • Disqusted

      They don’t seem to have any ideas left. Movies just keep getting remakes, too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a remake that’s actually better than the original. Probably because it only happens to stuff that was good enough to get a remake, in which case the original is very difficult to top.

    • daniel_ream

      I’d love to see an HD remaster of the complete Legacy of Kane/Soul Reaver series.

      And the original GTA3 series. Each has their own unique vibe – 1970’s Philly, 1980’s Miami, 1990’s LA – that isn’t really reflected in IV and V.

      Powerstone 3 is another good candidate; all you’d need to do is up the poly count on the textures. That game’s strength was its level design.

  • Remaster, lol. More like Reform.

  • Gaijin-

    I wasn’t very interested in remasters until Mass Effect Andromeda was released. Now a remaster of the old trilogy is my only hope for this franchise.

    • LurkerJK

      I don’t, those games were great in their day because they had no competition, they have not aged well (specially the first one) and overall they had mediocre to bad game-play and a stupid plot ripped off a regular high fantasy rpg “ancient evil wants to destroy everything, use prophesy to stop it”, i think ppl have beer glasses and nostalgia for them and they are forgetting the elevator simulator, the horrible mako sections, the bland world exploration, proving planets for hours and the shitty horde mode room mechanics of 3 (reused from dragon age 2)

      A higher resolution or better textures are not going to fix any of those problems and there is no way the current bioware wouldnt fuck up remaking them from a scratch.

      The old games still work fine if you feel like playing them again, there are high texture mods for the PC versions, I suggest trying those

      I rather have a new game in a scifi setting, lets hope that Cyberpunk 2077 blows everyone’s mind, we dont have enough scifi in our rpgs

      • Gaijin-

        I don’t disagree on the plot’s lack of originality -don’t think it is necessarily a negative, either- and I fully agree on game mechanics leaving room for improvement, but the characters’ back stories and relationships made the trilogy one of my favorites.

        Maybe I’m taking the concept of remaster a bit beyond its conventional definition, but I would take what little is good in Andromeda (combat, Nomad driving, Frostbite engine) and throw it into the old trilogy.

        Come think of it, that’s a remake. A man can dream.

      • Disqusted

        Mass Effect is already kinda high def, I don’t think it needs a remaster. Most of its issues are non-graphical related. Although the character creation leaves a lot to be desired.

        I think the most appealing thing about Mass Effect was how well it immerses the player in its universe, mostly because of the character interactions. As you said, It’s not great in terms of overall plot, gameplay, exploration, etc.

        This kinda makes me think about my impressions of Edith Finch, in that the gameplay parts in these kinds of games tend to be the worst part of the whole package.

  • VersVlees

    I can understand people would like remasters of old classic games especially for console ones. Granted you can still get your old PC games through or messing around with DOSBOX.
    I’m personally a bit jaded when it comes to remasters of old games like Migi already mentioned FF7 and the totally unnecessary Bulletstorm remasters. but you can blame all the shitty lazy Hollywood PG 13 remake movies we had for the past decade or so.

  • Migi

    I hate it when they remaster old games and then they add crap that wasn’t there in the first place, Also not loving the 2.5D they use when remastering old 2D games.

    It’s logical ppl are pissed about FF7 especially considering its most likely gonna be censored and added a lot of crap that wasn’t even in the original just so they can cash in on making it into parts.

    Wish sony would remake The Nomad Soul with Quantic dream.

    • Omkiron was one of the most original games I’ve ever played.

      But the game was very unconventional and was filled to the brim with a lot of stuff SJWs absolutely hate. There’s no way that game gets remade without getting gutted from top to bottom.

      • Disqusted

        I don’t even remember if I tried Omikron. I think I just watched videos instead.

        I get the impression Omikron is kinda like Overblood 2 in that they’re both games with huge scopes that tried to cover too many things at average quality, instead of having a tighter focus with higher quality, and tried to combine many game genres into one. Both of them kinda flopped.

        • I get the impression Omikron is kinda like Overblood 2 in that they’re both games with huge scopes that tried to cover too many things at average quality

          I was okay with that. I understood that no part was going to be fantastic since it was doing so many different things, but I liked that they incorporated all of these different elements into a single game. It’s rare we get something like that, and it hasn’t really been done in that way since then. I can be forgiving of games with huge scopes with average quality so long as they’re at least attempting to try something new, a little like Advent Rising.

      • Migi

        I know what you mean. To me it always felt a bit cyber punk considering the world itself was pretty dark. Kinda why it would be interesting to see how it would look with high end graphics.

        The darker games are always the most interesting, You just have to look at the Souls series and you’ll get a special story with a lot of dept that takes inspiration from the dark side of humanity.

  • GodBowser

    My half assed attempt at recreating B2 in the Skylanders Creator app

  • Disqusted

    Too many to name. I wish they’d just bring back those games with better graphics without mangling them into some weird modern crap.