Pox Nora, Free-to-Play CCG Launches For PlayStation 4
poxfight Pox Nora

The collectible card game, Pox Nora, from Desert Owl Games has officially launched for the PlayStation 4. The game originally came out for PC and now PS4 owners can experience the competitive CCG for free.

In addition to the base game being made available on Sony’s system, they also announced that PS4 owners will receive all of the currently-released PC expansion packs, including getting a free “Ironfist Inquisition” deck just for installing the game. Not a bad deal.

They mention in the press release that the large amount of content on release and the deep strategies offered by the actual card battling gameplay will keep players “thrilled” and likely joining the fray to see what all the fuss is about.

Quite naturally they released a launch trailer to showcase Pox Nora in action on the PS4, which you can check out below.

As you can see, unlike typical CCGs you don’t just get tossed into a match and face off against an enemy on the board alone. You also have to build your deck and travel across the land like a strategic role-playing game. It’s a cool approach for a game like this if you’re used to the old Heroes of Might & Magic titles and you were looking for something similar.

After you face off against enemies on the overworld you’ll then fight them in a game of wits where the best decks come out as the winners.

The turn-based strategy element definitely gives Pox Nora a slight edge over the competition as far as originality and versatility is concerned, but the other major issue is that graphically the game isn’t too much to look at, especially compared to some other CCGs out there like Shardbound, Shadowverse or the visually impressive Hand of Fate 2.

Even still, Pox Nora is free to play so there’s not much to lose if you do decide to dive in and give the game a test run on your PS4.


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