Quake Champions Open Beta Guide: Here’s How To Move And Jump Faster

Quake Champions Open Beta or “Large Scale Tech Test” is now live for folks gaming on PC. In this guide players will learn how to move much faster and jump much further to cover ground and circle around to a contender’s flank to secure a frag. Bethesda and id Software’s Quake Champions Open Beta is live now and will end on May 21st.

In most competitive games some of the many ways to enhance your prospect of winning is by learning a stage, pickup locations, where to jump, how to maneuver around a stage, spawn points and how to propel yourself further using cheap tricks like rocket launcher explosions.

The original Quake demands players to master all of the above to secure a nice frag in a competitive match, but more importantly aiming and timing play a key role too. Those looking to improve on movement to travel a stage quicker and to circle around enemies and confuse them on the latest Quake Champions, a video guide by YouTuber Rocket Jump Ninja — who has permission by Bethesda to post said video — sits below.

Timestamps showing key moments in the above video are below:

In most games using the left and right arrow keys will increase your speed while strafing or moving forwards/backwards. This also applies to the WASD setup or whatever key binding method you have on your keyboard. Timing this wiggle motion whilst hitting the floor and jumping again will increase your speed like in the video.

Another trick so that you will not get shot out of the air, calls for you to do a jump in the lifter. When you touch a boost pad or lifter it will send you high in the sky, making you an easy target. To counter this event simply hold your jump key down when going up/in a jump lifter so that your air time is limited, allowing you to reach you destination at a faster pace.

Quake Champions Open Beta is live now for PC, which more information about the game and Open Beta can be found by hitting up quake.bethesda.net.


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