Quake Champions Trailer Spotlights The Acid-Spitting Sorlag
Quake Champions

A new trailer for Quake Champions was released for Sorlag, a reptilian huntress from an alien planet. She ends up in the realm of the arena deathmatches after she gets sucked through a portal during a ritual where they were trying to open a portal to the “Other World”. Heck, that sounds more interesting as a plot than the actual Quake Champions game.

Anyway, Sorlag relies on putting acid on people, just like some rejected beta male from the middle east who throws acid at young girls because he failed at life.

Her acid spit ability actually sounds a lot like Reptile from Mortal Kombat. She can either hit opponents with the acid or lay it down on the arena floor where it will do damage to those who step through it.

You can check out the actual gameplay for Quake Champions and Sorlag in action below.

The press release rolls out some stats on the character, including that Sorlag starts out with 150HP with 50 armor points and 280 speed rating.

Sorlag has two passives, including a bunny hop with incremental speed boosts, and she has the acid fiend passive so that acid doesn’t hurt her.

There’s not much else to say about the character or the trailer.

It looks fairly fast-paced, and if you’re into arena shooters and looking for a high-end gaming experience then you can check it out.

Personally it feels like the game is a bit soulless. There’s nothing really there that stands out, and it’s not much different from every other arena shooter out there. It feels like it’s just a hardcore alternative to something like Overwatch, which was popular with the casuals.

Overwatch has soul but it lacks greatly in content, skill, and depth.

Quake seems like a factory-made product that’s just kind of there.

We’ll see if that all changes around for Quake when it finally graduates from closed beta. You can learn more by signing up for the CBT over on the official website.


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