RPG In A Box Dev Talks Development, Updates And More

RPG in a Box is not out yet, but the dev wants to polish the game up during its development time so that when it does release it lands on Steam in a near complete build. The latest information on the game maker comes from lone dev Justin Arnold, who plans to shape the RPG maker into being an easy to use product when it hits PC, which was explained in the most recent dev update.

If you like creating your own games and/or like editors similar to RPG Maker, you just might find lone dev Justin Arnold’s RPG in a Box to be a product of interest. As of now, the game maker is not out yet, and it won’t be available until Q3 of this year will it release for PC, but in the meantime the dev wants to polish the game in such a way where newcomers can grasp everything there in a concise package on release.

In addition to the above, the latest “dev update” explains that the lone dev has been putting a lot of focus into a new and improved documentation site for RPG in a Box. The task of creating a comprehensive document is said to be a very tedious job, but completing one page a day is noted to help build up a structured game in the end.

The dev continued on about the updates and explained that scripting functions can provide information on each function’s usage along with specific examples, visual demos and other vital cues, which will be followed by editor guides for the Map Editor, Voxel Editor and so on.

Furthermore, the game/editor now sports a feature that fades to black and fades back in to the game after a specific task is complete. In other words, this means that if a player wishes to make a scene where an item is given to an NPC and the NPC is supposed to leave without walking away, the screen could fade and come back with the NPC gone.

Lastly, Arnold noted that he added icons for interactions. As I’m sure you know this means that if you walk near steps an icon will appear to let you know that you can traverse up/down to another level — same goes for doors and other props.

You can either watch the v0.1 Alpha trailer below or you can read up on the latest updates over on hrpginabox.com.


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