Savage: Road To Darkness Trailer Looks Beastly And Savage
Savage Road to Darkness Game

An edgy new game called Savage: Road to Darkness received a new trailer highlighting the cinematics and gameplay for the upcoming title. The first 20 or so seconds of the trailer are flat-out righteous, and well worth the watch alone.

After an intro sequence featuring a morbid soliloquy, we get to see the reborn and vengeance-laden creature running through the game world with a sword in hand and bad intentions in mind.

The music and art-style look really good here and you can see the game in action with the trailer below.

The game oozes style.

We see how players can utilize a number of different weapons in order to take down enemies, including bombs, throwing knives, a bow and arrow, even an assault rifle.

The game features an alligator out for revenge, killing and maiming any and everything in his path. The developers describe it in a fun way, saying…

“Born of the romance between Ghost Goblins and Pang, living in worlds like Naruto and Hellboy”

I couldn’t help but think about characters like Guts from Berserk or the assassin from Mark of the Ninja. There’s also a bit of a Spawn vibe I’m picking up from the main character, Wani.

The combat is fast-paced and players will have to balance between using mid-range and short-range attacks to dispatch enemies both near and far. If you’re used to games like Shank you’ll probably fit in right at home.

Savage - Road to Darkness

According to the developers they have plans on getting the Kickstarter campaign up and out for the title at some point this week.

The use of traditional animation in the game could also help it go a long way in separating it from other side-scrollers out there.

You can keep track of Savage: Road to Darkness by visiting the game’s official website.



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