Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Soundtrack Now Available Digitally, Physically
Shiness OST

Wayo Records announced that Enigami’s Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has a physical and digital release of its soundtrack made available right now from participating retailers and e-tailers alike.

The soundtrack for Shiness was put together collaboratively by Hazem Hawash and Hiroki Kikuta, the latter of which worked on Secret of Mana.

The soundtrack takes a lot of inspiration from some of the classic JRPG titles from old – the classics that helped shape the gaming industry during the SNES era.

According to the press release, Wayô Records producer Jonathan Khersis explained…

“Few years ago at Japan Expo (France), I first met Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom creator and composer Hazem Hawash,”


“I was really moved the first time I heard Hazem’s work as it not only worked well with the game’s atmosphere, but also sent me back to my childhood by reminding me of my favorite RPG soundtracks from the SNES and PlayStation eras. My hope is that RPG fans will listen to and appreciate this amazing soundtrack and be reminded of their childhood as well.”

Being reminded of one’s childhood sure beats experiencing one’s adulthood.

Gaming in today’s generation is a real chore due to many popular brands being compromised with sociopolitical commentary reflecting the personal preferences of the creator, so much so that it even compromises the quality of the story being told in the game itself.

There’s also the issue of a lot of games being designed as nothing more than microtransaction services, creating artificial grinds and difficulty based on luring gamers into paying lots of money just to not play the game.

Being reminded of the classic days of gaming, the golden years, is a prime incentive to want to check out a soundtrack designed to kindle nostalgia.

If you want to pick up a digital copy of the Shiness soundtrack you can do so from over on the iTunes App Store. Alternatively you can purchase a physical CD of the game’s soundtrack from Wayo Records’ website.


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