Star Citizen 3.0 Preview Highlights Procedural Breathing, CQC Takedowns
Star Citizen Truck Stop
(Last Updated On: May 14, 2017)

In the latest Around the Verse entry for Star Citizen, they’ve detailed a lot of the new content that they’re working on for the upcoming 3.0 release of the game’s alpha.

A large portion of the latest video preview for the upcoming alpha 3.0 of Star Citizen focuses on the player interaction UI and the mechanical systems they’re implementing for iterative interaction and contextual manipulation. They’re currently working on cleaning up the workflow and making it as smooth as possible.

Picking up and interacting with objects within the environment, including grabbing items from one place and placing them down elsewhere, is one of the key features that they’re trying to iron out for the next big release. This could be a pretty cool feature for quests in the game. For instance you could possibly carry out transport missions where players will be required to pick up objects and secure them in a specific location before transporting them some place else.

You can see a ton of the stuff they’ve been working on across the various studios at Roberts Space Industries with the latest version of β€œAround The Verse”.

They’ve also included mesh-based bounce lights for the ships when they land on procedural planets that don’t necessarily have globally illuminated light projection. This means that ships will reflect dynamic light passes that may not be physically rendered from the planet’s surface.

The video also highlights additional damage models they’re adding for the newer ships, and finalizing the derelict ship missions for procedural generation.

Close-quarters combat has also seen some updates, with the U.K., studios working on implementing new stealth takedowns when players execute melee moves. [Update: According to CIG the CQC takedowns have been stalled from alpha 3.0 to alpha 3.1]

This also ties into the animation crew parsing and clearing up more than 500 animation files that are being readied for implementation into Squadron 42.

Procedural breathing will also play a big role in 3.0, where players will be able to puncture suits that will affect their character’s breathing. This will also affect a player’s stamina bar, where it will limit how much you can run, how you run, whether you can scale environments, how quickly you can scale environments, and ultimately whether or not you will live or die.

There are some cool features that they have planned for Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0. They just need to get it finished in a timely enough manner and roll it out to the public.

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  • Joe_Blober

    First, thanks Billy D for giving to more Readers the opportunity to discover the most amazing crowfunded project around!

    For Readers. slumdog hundredaire or Marc-Antoine Guillette here below posting comment, about how it is impossible to create Planet (full size moon are coming in next patch in 2 months… ) or the game being stalled… but not able to see the team and amazing techs behind those moving jpges called… Alpha πŸ™‚

    Now back to the main topic. CIG the company developing those two connected AAA: Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.

    By end of 2017 it will be 5 years of development and slow team growth. Amazing job done so far. SQ42 Chapter 1 (solo) is expected by mid-2018 but an official schedule release will be provided later this year.

    So for new comers, this is like tomorrow. I am an early backer and proud to be able to follow a company starting from scratch to what they now deliver!

    Star Citizen (MMO) receive bigger patch every quarter or so. Expect Beta end of 2018, currently in Alpha.
    Great project with a great team and +600.000 backers.

    Here is a Diff for latest 3.0 Production Schedule Report update on Star Citizen (MMO) planned to be released end of June/July to selected backers for thorough tests (guys named Evocati) before being available to all backers a couple weeks after :

    Talk about transparency and being Pro πŸ™‚

    Here a link to latest ATV (Around The Verse) a weekly show of CIG progress in various area:

    I recommend to readers to check latest ATV’s which bring never seen insight as CIG is providing more details since most of their tech pipelines are running at full speed.

    Like this one 2 week ago:


    Enjoy the journey and keep your interest up on this never seen crowfunded project PC gamers have ever had a chance to join! And sorry for the number of quality links… this a LOT of Jpges at once πŸ™‚

    Some key dates and numbers:

    – Employees count:

    Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: Chris Roberts and around 10 people πŸ™‚
    2013: 48 (Austin: 34 – LA: 14)
    2014: 161 (Austin: 55 – LA: 38 – Manchester: 68)
    2015: 258 (Austin: 57 – LA: 41 – Manchester: 132 – Frankfurt: 28)
    2016: 363 (Austin: 54 – LA: 64 – Manchester: 191 – Frankfurt: 54)
    2017: 428 (April)

    – Pledges chart:
    Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: goal was 2M$. They got 6M$…
    2012: 7M$
    2013: 35M$
    2014: 68M$
    2015: 104M$
    2016: 140M$
    2017: 150M$ (May)

    – Citizens count (not the Backers count which is estimated to +600.000 individual)
    2012: 103.000
    2013: 340.000
    2014: 705.000
    2015: 1.150.000
    2016: 1.700.000
    2017: 1.811.000 (May)

    Foot note: Part of those techs are playable for testing purposes (privilege of Alpha) in three modules… you need of course a backer account and basic packages. Also they are playable for free 2 or 3 times a year, during full week-end… after a download of 30G and growing fast πŸ™‚

    – Arena Commander (ships fight against Vandull ennemy ships)

    – Star Marine (FPS, not intented to be BF4 but to add another dimension to space game)

    – PU (Persistent Universe. A sample of the Star Citizen MMO… with soon (SC 3.0) seemless landing/take off from space to moon/planet and availability to walk all around the surface… everything in native 4K if you have the right graphic card and monitor πŸ™‚

    Currently using the follwing PC rig: I5 4cores 3.4Ghz + 8 Gb Ram + GTX 780 on a 1440 monitor. Around 40FPS on most battle except in PU (25 to 30 fps) where CIG have to iron out the game engine netcode to handle efficiently all those assets πŸ™‚

  • mauzao9

    @WilliamUsherGB:disqus for the sake of not falling upon misinformation, you may want to clarify that this is not the 3.0 update highlights.

    The ATVs are global dev reports of what the studio at had to show for the past month of work, this includes everything not only what is set for 3.0, including the SP Campaign SQ42.

    For clarity check:
    From the feature-set described on the 3.0’s production report you can see what from that ATV is actually work stalled for the next update.

    • Actually everything discussed in this article is only related to the 3.0 update, the pick-and-carry, breathing and takedowns.

      • mauzao9

        The take-downs are stalled for 3.1, “Take down (Front, Sides, Rear)”, that from seeing ATV is exactly what they have shown footage of.

        • I can make note of that.

        • slumdog hundredaire

          The whole game is stalled….

  • Marty

    Amazing, I still don’t see a real game anywhere being ready for gold! Just because they say it doesn’t make any of that ATV true! Stop the talking and start showing!

    • For what they’re aiming to do, they’re (realistically) about three years out from completion.

      • Marty

        Three years and that is only if Chris Roberts doesn’t go in and make more changes.

  • slumdog hundredaire

    I wish I could trust what CIG says, but I just cant anymore.

    Remember last year, when the SQ42 demo was just hours away from completion? Why do we still have no video on it? Remember when 3.0 was supposed to have entire systems with planets to land on? Why do we not have that in the new update?

    I wish that CIG can pull this off. I will gladly eat crow if they do. But this project is a train wreck.

    • Ken

      >Remember last year, when the SQ42 demo was just hours away from completion?

      Watch “The Road to CitizenCon” on their youtube channel. It was decided two weeks prior.

      >Why do we still have no video on it?

      Because once they decided they weren’t going to finish the demo, it was decided that the work they would have put into finishing it was better spent on getting Squadron 42 finished instead.

      >Remember when 3.0 was supposed to have entire systems with planets to land on? Why do we not have that in the new update?

      Erm….because 3.0 isn’t out yet? There won’t be planets in 3.0 because they need to finish the custom built landing locations still. But there will be massive moons, which are gameplay and featurewise, the exact same thing.

      • Marc-Antoine Guillette

        there wont be any planet because they can’t, the technology they have is simply not able to do it but don’t believe my words just wait and see

        • mauzao9

          The first planet and landing zone of the game remains scheduled for 3.0. So they can’t but can? xD

          Also the technology for planets is certainly not a problem, the networking for sure, things have dependencies and the more complex it gets the more it depends on how fast network progresses.

          • Marc-Antoine Guillette

            yes because CIG always keep their schedule… the game was due to be released 3 years ago, the network can’t be fixed because of the engine that’s why it take them an eternity

          • mauzao9

            I’m not talking about dates, I’m talking about tech. Seeing their development is very clear the blocker is network not planets, what they are doing to release things is tackle the current network and netcode to handle some of it.

            With the network continuing dev on a massive task that is called the container streaming tech that compartmentalizes the game world, it will allow them to add complex objects like a planet with a city on it (arccorp) and more complex simulation (AI) without sacrificing performance.

            This is that area that game devs tell horror stories about, and it’s exactly what they are going through right now.

          • Marc-Antoine Guillette

            the problem is planet just as much as the network and what’s funny is that news just came out… chris roberts was just anounced he wont be able to do any seamless transition between planet/space today! he will keep it secret a few months if he can keep people waiting for 3.0

          • mauzao9

            That’s not news, that’s Derek Smart’s twitter feed ramblings. Ask for any source for those claims, you’ll get crickets.

            For those who eat up him and his “sources”, there’s delusion… Pretty much every week for the past 2 years he claims “mass-firings” going on, during those 2 years the company grows by 200 employees… the opposite reality that he proclaims.

          • Ebalosus

            Just FYI: Derek’s vaunted ‘sources’ didn’t tell him that 27 BHVR artists moved to a different project back in December, thus delaying the planets art-wise. 27 people switching gears in a company is hard to miss, especially if you have ‘inside sources’

        • Ken

          Except that we’ve already seen live gameplay videos of planets that were landed on and walked around in game…

          • Marc-Antoine Guillette

            it was a pre-made video in the editor, not the actual game… they lied and it was shown when there was a bug and the sequence restarted

          • Ken

            I’m not talking about that video. In fact, there are numerous articles written by independent game sites which got to play them demo themselves and were able to confirm that it was real.

            You seem to be confusing a scripted event with a gameplay video. Scripted events are triggered by certain gameplay conditions. If you watch the video, you can see that he accidentally opened the console and reloaded the map, which reset the scripted event’s condition so it started over.

            If anything, that should have shown you that it was real.

        • Kirito

          There will be planets, just not in the initial 3.0. They already have 3 moons ready for 3.0. Moons are just smaller planets and the fact they have those working …..well yeah they do have the tech for it. They chose to release 3.0 earlier by saving planets for later, if they waited to release everything as 3.0 they we’d get nothing new for an even longer time.

          • Marc-Antoine Guillette

            it’s not the same thing at all because you don’t have the atmospheric transition which is what chris roberts has a problem with : the engine simply don’t allow it

      • slumdog hundredaire

        I am happy that you have such unwavering support for CR and CIG. As late as last Fall, SQ42 was listed as a 2016 release on THEIR OWN website. As late as the Fall of 2016, 3.0 was slate for Q4 of that year. CR lied. They knew that none of what they promised would be releasing in Q4, but kept quiet so that they could sell more ship concepts.

        Also. 3 moons is not the same thing as a solar system worth of planets. Moons generally don’t have atmospheres. Planet do.

        CR said himself that SQ42 demo was hours away from completion. You say that they did not want to waste time. But changing the entire game engine from CryEngine to the related, but different, Lumberyard in Year 5 of development does not represent an inefficiency? Redoing game models, assets, and flight models also represents an utter waste of resources.

        Again. I hope that you are right and I am wrong. I wanted to play SQ42 last year. Unfortunately, CIG will not announce any release date for the game now…

        • Ebalosus

          >Moons generally don’t have atmospheres. Planets do.

          Planets around O, A, and B stars won’t have atmospheres, unless they’re orbiting a long way away. Moons around planets that orbit very metal-rich stars tend to be more likely to have atmospheres, as long as the planet they’re orbiting isn’t too close (again depending on the star class). When all is added up, the probability of either having an atmosphere is about the same, given all the factors that influence a stellar object having an atmospheres.

          In game terms: 90% of all landable objects in Elite Dangerous are atmosphere-less, hence can understand if atmospheric physics get in the way of landables…but as both the likes of No Man’s Sky and Infinity Battlescape have shown, it isn’t too difficult to fudge it a bit.

        • Ken

          What does any of your reply have to do with my point? Are they taking a long time? Sure, Plenty of games take a long time, you just dont hear about it.

          And they never changed game engines. Lumberyard is Cryengine with some extra bells and whistles. NOTHING had to be redone. In fact, the entire transition took 2 engine programmers a day or two using a program which compares two code bases and copies anything different from one to the other.

          It’s akin to saying Linux is a completely different operating system as Ubuntu.

          • slumdog hundredaire

            OK, so all is good with SC. CR must love chaps like you. He can say anything and Constantly miss deadlines that HE Himself sets, and people like you with defend this shit.

          • Ken

            “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad,”

            Go enjoy one of your forgettable rushed games. How’d Mass Effect Andromeda work out?

          • slumdog hundredaire

            Lol, keep up with the strawman arguments. Who mentioned ME:A?

            Oh, Chris Roberts is no Miyamoto… πŸ˜‰

            Again, how can you trust what CIG or CR do, when they misrepresent delivery dates? As late as October 2016, SQ42 was billed as a Q4 2016 release… Surely, they knew that they would not hit that target. And yet we got radio silence. As of today, we now have no release date.

            And you have the balls to quote Miyamoto……

    • Ebalosus

      Remember when they only had 90 days of funding left…or how the Austin studio was being shut down…or how Star Marine wasn’t in 2.6…or how CIG is simultaneously poor enough to be insolvent, but rich enough to silence the Escapist (Gawker went down with more of a fight, just FYI)…or how the funding chart is simultaneously wrong and right, depending on the narrative being pushed…or how the most recent newsletter had CR asking for money and downsizing to save money?

    • Kirito

      They chose to downsize update 3.0 so they could release earlier. It will still have moons (3 of them) to land on, along with outposts, crashed ships and more missions. In addition to the stuff listed above. They will still have full planets like ArcCorp and all the others showcased at past e3, but those will be updates 3.1 and onward. If they saved ALL of this for a full 3.0 release, we would have nothing to look forward to for quite a long time, but releasing a smaller yet still nice portion with a few moons was perferable. They say 3.0 will release June 29 if on schedule. It may be delayed to July or even August but it seems pretty far along.

      • slumdog hundredaire

        So they did not do what they said that they would do….? Remember again that 3.0 (the original one) was supposed go be out Q4 last year….