Street Fighter 5 Mod Adds Artoria Pendragon From Fate/Stay
Street Fighter 5 Artoria Pendragon

One of the most popular characters from the Fate series, Artoria Pendragon, has joined the Street Fighter V roster… unofficially of course. The highly popular female knight who should be a feminist’s wet dream due to being covered from head to toe and being one of the most powerful characters in the series, is now playable in Street Fighter V.

The mod was put together by Khaledantar666, a modder who takes requests from the community. You can download the mod right now from over on the DeviantArt page.

The links on the page lead to the Patreon pages where you can download multiple costumes for Artoria. She’s actually a replacement for Cammy, which seems somewhat fitting given Cammy’s European roots.

Khaledantar666 added both hair and ribbon animations, along with specific facial rigging to match her anime face mesh; this way she will have proper reactions and match the rest of the Street Fighter cast without looking too out of place. He also did a lot of extensive testing and custom physics work on Artoria’s dress in order to make sure it moves and animates properly.

He also included 15 different colors covering the many different iterations of the character throughout the Fate series, including Saber Lily, Alter, Nero, Saber Gilgamesh and the many other variations of the character. You can see each of the color variants via the screenshot below.


There are a few drawbacks to the character in Street Fighter V. Khale explains that you might experience some minor clipping, writing…

“The biggest challenge in this mod was the big dress physics, large dress that reaches ankles, multiples layers and armor on it, front cloth on top of that, you name it and putting all this on Cammy who moves a lot wasn’t easy but here it is.


“The dress have its limitations though: some bad camera angles in the cutscenes, clipping with the hands (can’t be avoided) and minor clipping here and there”

She also can’t properly blink due to how big her eyes are, but he did manage to get rid of the duck lip syndrome. You can see how she looks in motion with the demonstration video below courtesy of YouTuber BlitzMightyN7.

In the darker segments the lighting and shadows play well off her armor, giving them a pretty dynamic look thanks to the renderer. Her hair also looks great set against the Unreal Engine’s PBR for flame effects. Unfortunately, you can see how her anime face still looks kind of goofy even compared to the overly exaggerated designs of the other Street Fighter characters.

Anyway, if you wanted a bit of Fate slathered on your Street Fighter V experience, you can grab the Artoria Saber mod right now.


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