Sudden Strike 4 Beta Playable Through Pre-Purchase Program

Sudden Strike 4

Due out for release on August 11th for PC in Europe, Sudden Strike 4 has recently entered into a beta testing phase for those who pre-purchase the game early. It’s a risky proposition for those looking for a decent World War II strategy sim, but Kalypso Media has decided to sweeten the deal by throwing in the previous three Sudden Strike games into the mix.

For those who pre-purchase the game for $49.99 from over on the Steam store, you’ll automatically gain access to the beta for the duration of the next two months up until Sudden Strike 4 releases on August 11th.

Followed by the European release on August 11th the game will then drop on August 15th in North America along with releasing on the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

The pre-purchase bonus not only contains the trilogy of Sudden Strike but also features a digital soundtrack and the digital artbook along with the Battle of Kursk DLC.

For those who decide to get in on the beta deal, it’s possible to access the beta test forum where feedback can be submitted to the developers.

You’ll be able to play as three different factions, including the Allied, German or Soviet Troops. There are actually more than 100 different units that can be taken into battle, ranging from bombers, tanks, foot soldiers and fighter planes across German, Russian and British forces.

I’m assuming if you liked games like Company of Heroes you’ll probably take a liking to Sudden Strike 4. Of course, if you also enjoyed any of the previous games in the Sudden Strike series you might also enjoy the newest game in the franchise.

Of course, the whole pre-purchase gimmick might rub some people the wrong way given that you have to pay to beta test the game. Then again, console gamers do it all the time for big AAA games until several patches are released to fix the game, so I guess it’s nothing new. Heck, Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t get halfway decent until several post-launch patches later.

You can check out the beta details and pre-purchase program by visiting the Steam store page.

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