Sundered Trailer Promises A Fight To Escape Eldritch Horrors

If escaping tentacle monsters, overcoming mind-flayers and defeating eldritch horrors sounds like a spanking good time, you might enjoy Thunder Lotus Games’ upcoming side-scrolling survival game, Sundered.

The game is a hand-drawn adventure that takes place in a ruined world where a wanderer named Eshe is sent to investigate some mysterious caves… caves where others have ventured before but none have returned. What happened? Well, they got Lovecrafted… that’s what happened.

The gimmick for Sundered is that as you venture through the caverns to uncover the mystery behind the horrors enveloping the world, the caves begin to shift and change, altering as you venture through them. The deeper you go the harder it is to get out, and the more dangerous the cavern becomes.

The trailer is a slow burn toward revealing that eventually players will have to face off against some disturbing eldritch horrors based on the lore of the Old Ones. You can check out the slickly put together trailer below.

That scene where the giant puts on the mask and eventually becomes enveloped by the cosmic growth is insane.

The artwork for this game is also top notch. I love the designs and the almost fantastical atmosphere fused with the classic Lovecraftian themed monsters.

If the art-style seems somewhat familiar it’s because you might remember the work of Thunder Lotus Games from their Norse-themed adventure game called Jotun. It was a real trip with a great sense of artistic style and some fairly memorable bosses.

We’ll see if if Thunder Lotus can pull off a miracle and manage to garner success with Sundered.

Even though the game isn’t another 8-bit pixelated bit of hipster pretentiousness, there’s still the issue of facing off against a highly saturated market of side-scrollers where the competition is fierce. Games these days really need to stand out, especially when games like Dead Cells can easily corner the market and zap up a lot of attention and sales from other potential competitors.

Anyway, you can look for Sundered to launch on Steam and for PC, and via the PlayStation Store for the PS4.


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