Super Smash Flash 2, Free Project Now Available To Play On PC

Do you like Super Smash Bros.? Well, if so, there is a new free project by McLeodGaming that mirrors said game and goes by the name of Super Smash Flash 2. The free project is currently on Beta 1 and is available to play right now for PC.

Featuring a large array of characters that are found in the original Super Smash Bros. games by Nintendo, this free game by McLeodGaming also sports characters from other franchises like One Piece, Super Bomberman, Final Fantasy and much more.

A video showing some of the playable characters in Super Smash Flash 2 lies below that comes in by McLeodGamingOfficial.

I already know what you are thinking “This game is going to be axed by the Big N, right?” Well, it seems as if the devs behind this free project, Super Smash Flash 2, haven’t faced any threats from Nintendo before, during or after the playable Beta 1, which is constantly repeated by fans in the comment section noting that McLeodGaming is invincible to the hand of Nintendo. The free project has been kept under wraps for some time too, so that could be a reason why it still sees the light of day.

Moreover, an announcement trailer showing both new and old characters, stages, and how Super Smash Flash 2 plays out can be seen below in a three minute and 20 second long video trailer.

Seeing how this is the first playable Beta, it’s likely that more characters, stages and other features will roll out later down the development pipe-line given that’s how most Betas or WIP games operate.

If you want to read up on the development history of Super Smash Flash 2, the devs have a history-like chart showing what progress was made on the 2D fighting game by visiting

Lastly, you can either play or learn more about the free project dubbed Super Smash Flash 2 by hitting up


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