Tekken 7 Collaborates With Kid Ink For “Now It’s Personal” Song
Tekken 7 Kid Ink

Whether or not you like hip hop, Tekken 7 is getting a bit of rap flavor following in behind Street Fighter V and their variety of hip hop inspired songs. The collaboration takes place with rapper Kid Ink for the song “Now It’s Personal”.

The behind the scenes video talks with Ink about how he got into Tekken, how he played with his mother since he didn’t have brothers and sisters to play with, and how he started picking up and playing the game again in preparation of collaborating with Bandai Namco on Tekken 7.

You can check out the video below.

Not everyone is a fan of hip hop, and certainly not everyone is a fan of incorporating hip hop into game series like Tekken, which have traditionally gone the techno-industrial route when it comes to music. So quite naturally the comment section made it known that they weren’t entirely appreciative

Some people also complained that it wasn’t real hip hop but autotune stuff, a few more people didn’t care, and the rest were just excited Tekken 7 was on the way.

This follows up recently on the opening cinematic for Tekken 7 that was published just a short while ago, which you can check out below in case you missed it before.

I’m actually really looking forward to the game and how well they’re going to handle the story mode, the extra modes, and most importantly the PC port.

The game is due for release on June 2nd, and I can already imagine modders revving up their hex editors and gamers revving up their zippers for what’s in store when Tekken 7 drops on Steam for the very first time in franchise history.

If you don’t have a real man’s PC or you haven’t renewed your membership with the Glorious PC Master Race, it’s okay… you can still enjoy the game on PS4 or Xbox One.


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