The King Of Fighters XIV Steam Version Set To Launch June 15th

The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition will debut for the public to consume on June 15th. This means that you will be able to play the PS4 game on PC via Steam when SNK drops the popular fighting game next month.

Thanks to the newly posted Steam page for The King of Fighters XIV we learn quite a bit of stuff regarding content and DLC. first, you can look over the new official description.

“The King of Fighters XIV is the newest entry in the acclaimed The King of Fighters series of fighting games. Lead by veteran creator and Fatal Fury creator Yasuyuki Oda, The King of Fighters XIV takes the iconic gameplay that the series is known for while implementing new 3D visuals, a first for a mainline entry in the series! Featuring a robust roster of 50 characters in the base game along with four DLC characters, including both returning fan favorites and new characters, this entry is perfect for veterans and newcomers alike!”

The Steam page covers what the Steam Edition Deluxe pack offers:

  • Four DLC characters – Rock Howard, Vanessa, Ryuji Yamazaki and Whip
  • 10 DLC Costumes – Classic Kyo, Nightmare Geese, Athena ’98 Version, Shun’ei: Kung-Fu Suit, Nakoruru: Kamuikotan Girls’ School Uniform, Classic Iori, Meitenkun: Pajamas, Kula: Sundress, Sylvie: Little Red Riding Hood, Angel: Diabla
  • Digital Artbook – Includes concept art and design materials for all 4 DLC characters.
  • Digital Soundtrack – A special soundtrack that includes recently released tracks, for a total of 30 tracks.

Below covers what The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition includes:

  • Two FREE DLC Costumes! – Kyo Kusanagi (Classic Kyo) and Geese Howard (Nightmare Geese).

Looking away from special editions and DLC, the game, at heart, holds 50 fighters stretching across past games, including new faces too. You can see more of these characters and the introduction of the Steam version of KOF XIV in two new trailers by SNKGames.

For more information on the PC or Steam version of The King of Fighters XIV you can head on over to its newly posted Steam page. Lastly, the game is already out and playable on PS4.

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