Thunder Tier One, Top-Down Tactical Shooter Gains New Gameplay Info

For a long time indie developer FragOut Studios have been quiet about Thunder Tier One; but that has changed recently via an update on May 6th. The devs published a new log that covers the top-down tactical shooter and what new things have been added, as well as what will be available during the game’s Early Access run. Thunder Tier One is set to release on PC this May.

Folks who are new to the scene and have no idea as to what Thunder Tier One is about, a trailer by FragOutStudios offers a nice idea as to what players will be doing in the top-down tactical shooter.

On to the new stuff… as of May 6th the devs posted up that they have been working on the game quietly (especially for the team’s standards) and have now spoken up about what’s been cooking on the development side of things.

For starters, interaction can be cut off by releasing the interaction button so that players can drop what they are trying to interact with to handle incoming enemies, as seen below.

The maps/stages in Thunder Tier One are said to be a lot bigger and thus a navigational map is now accessible by pressing a specific key on your keyboard (M preferably) to bring up this interactive map.

Vehicles will be in the game, but most importantly the devs want to add them into Early Access. The key behind this Early Access is to make the game as functional and polished as possible so that the devs have a solid game on hand that actually works in EA for gamers to play.

To see no stolen assets, nice graphics, real in-game footage, solid vehicle mechanics, good gun play and an indie game that takes Early Access serious, has my curiosity for the full release of Thunder Tier One fully piqued.

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