Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 To Start On May 4th, According To TinyBuild

Publisher TinyBuild Games and Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor will gain yet another playable build allowing folks that fancy said game to explore the contents within Alpha 4. Currently Hello Neighbor is set to release this Summer for PC.

If you are wondering where this information comes from, just recently TinyBuild Games published on its Twitter account that Alpha 4 is coming down the pipeline in the next three days as of this writing. This means that you should mark your calendars for May 4th, if you want to get in on the action.

The team also sent out a “micro teaser trailer” which I’m not going to post up, because the short YouTube video showing the game is the same as the one featured above in the tweet by TinyBuild Games.

Keeping things on track, you can learn how to gain access to the upcoming Alpha build and new iterations to come later down the line thanks to this update notice:

“The Pre-Alpha & Alpha 1 is free and available to everyone. If you want to help support development and get new builds as they arrive, consider buying Early Alpha Access. Right now, you can get the “Alpha 2 and Alpha 3″ builds with new game mechanics. You’ll also get the full game next summer.”

More information on the upcoming Alpha can be found by heading over to the game’s Steam Community update page. The page features a GIF showing the above tweet and the YouTube micro trailer for eager fans to watch. The update page also covers the header image (as seen above), detailing the countdown for Hello Neighbor Alpha 4.

Furthermore, the actual game itself is set to come out this Summer for PC. This means that most, if not all, questions about the mysterious neighbor will be up for thorough investigation, which more than likely will be followed up by updates and expansions that expand on the strange neighbor in the future.

You can hit up helloneighborgame.com to find out more regarding the game and the ever approaching Alpha 4 update.

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