Trailmakers Developers Explain Early Access Plans And More

TrailMakers by FlashBulb Games is an upcoming PC game similar to Scrap Mechanics and offers up quite a bit of alternate creations so that players can race, build and venture an endless sea of land. As of recent, the devs covered what Early Access means for TrailMakers and what update #4 hopes to accomplish for the game.

The devs of TrailMakers recently elaborated on the current development of said game but went into a bit more detail about the creation process regarding said title. This includes gamers expectation of obtaining a slice of the full version of a game and the impression that Early Access offers.

The devs offered up three metaphors on how they could create TrailMakers going forth and which of the three are the best for the colorful racing game:

  1. Shanty Town
  2. Desolate Mansion
  3. Skyscraper.

As for the first example or metaphor, the devs explain that a Shanty Town will offer a lot of content at the base but will be unfinished. Leaving semi-working content in the game that will take months or years to get around to fixing. This is seen with a list of Early Access games.

The second example sees a singular feature done very well but everything else around it is not finished or complete. This means that you have a couple or a few very well polished features that are surrounded by nothing. This can cause a boring effect to set in fast since there isn’t much to do around a few finished features.

Lastly, the skyscraper approach focuses around building up a base so that the developers have a better foresight of TrailMaker’s future. This means that setting things up similar to the Shanty Town where the foundation is laid out but includes fleshed-out content. In other words the route the devs want to take sees both the decadents of the Desolate Mansion and the variety of content of the Shanty Town put together on a linear path to make something decent during Early Access, hence the Skyscraper.

Hopefully the devs take their time on this game and offer meaningful content that isn’t added just to act as a filler, but content that adds to the overall complexity of TrailerMakers core gameplay.

The game is currently set to debut sometime this year for PC via Steam Early Access. The update over on TrailMakersSteam page can be read over, same as additional info on the game’s main site, or you can watch the official trailer below.


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