Trailmakers Devs Explain Emergent Challenges And Player Interaction

The latest dev diary explaining some of the challenges and player interaction in Trailmakers is quite  explosive, insofar that the game will be more than just a building game. The title will also include challenges that tests a player’s skill and knowledge. Trailmakers is set to come out for PC sometime in 2017.

Flashbulb Games’ Trailmakers is a game that lets players build vehicles with other players, race around for fun or in competitive matches, and explore vast areas by seeing how far your vehicle can traverse the ever generating and dangerous wasteland.

In addition to the above, players can also look for spare parts which are used to expand and create better vehicles. But, the devs want to add much more than what is currently present in Trailmakers. For starters, the devs want to add in a floating trophy icon that upon reaching will start a challenge:

“This opens the builder, where you can create a custom-made vehicle for the task at hand. We have a lot of cool challenges planned, from long-jumps to races, so the vehicle you build will have to fit the challenge. Is the perfect race car small and aerodynamic or big with lots of jets? The challenge may include restrictions, such as limited total substance cost or limited amount of engines. Complete it and see how well you compare on the Leaderboard.”

I assume that this move is to widen the game so that it doesn’t seem nor feel empty. In other words, while exploring places or building things for fun, whether solo or with a friend, random world interactions will appear to test your craftsmanship if you so choose.

Next up is player interaction. This move allows players to interact indirectly and directly by creating and playing player-made trials. These trials are not just a simple thing, the trials that players can create can be as intricate as a triathlon or as simple as a drag race:

“We are making a system that allows you to make your own challenges anywhere in the world. This will give you access to the same tools that we have. You can make a custom challenge with checkpoints, objects, vehicle restrictions etc. They can be engineering-heavy like an obstacle course with no wheels allowed or perhaps a triathlon where you have to drive, sail and fly? Afterwards, you can share the challenge with friends or other Trailmakers, and see who can get the best record.”

The icon or appearance for the player made trails can be seen below.

Essentially, the devs are building a system that allows players to customize parts of the world, create their own objectives and challenge other players.

Trailmakers is set to come out for PC sometime in 2017. Additional information can be found over on


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