Ubisoft Asks If Gamers Are Ready For Far Cry 5? Gamers Say… It Depends
Far Cry 5

Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 over on their official forums. The announcement was opened by the community manager Mathias338 with the question: “Are you ready for a hefty dose of new Far Cry adventures?”

The first two replies were less than enthusiastic.

So when Ubisoft asks you if you’re ready for Fary Cry 5… the first thing that came to mind was “Maybe”… it “Depends”.

Sounds like some people aren’t all that thrilled.

To Ubisoft’s credit, some of the Far Cry fanboys were still hyped for the game. The next several comments were filled with glee, and some of the comments thereafter were a mixed bag of excitement, requests for a Far Cry 2 remaster, and a bunch of people begging for a map editor as if it were 2004.

Ubisoft last outing was Far Cry Primal, which was an AAA version of the more emergent open-world survival games like Rust or ARK: Survival Evolved; except Far Cry Primal had none of the innovative features from the aforementioned indie survival games.

Nevertheless, smart marketing was enough to convince enough people to lay down $60 for the game, even though it had less content, less stuff to do and was generally a pretty bare bones experience compared to previous Far Cry games.

Rumors persist that the next entry in the series will be set during the era of the Western Frontier, when America was still getting its bearings and the Wild West were in which legends were born.

If they did tackle the Wild West for Far Cry 5, it could give Red Dead Redemption 2 a real run for its money. That’s not to mention that PC gamers would finally have a really good Western title to consider purchasing, especially since Take-Two Interactive treats PC gamers the way Syrian refugees treated German women in Cologne.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure all those frowns will eventually turn upside down if Far Cry 5 really is set during the Wild West. We just don’t get enough of those games, and if it’s an SJW-free open-world Western game, I’m pretty sure all those “maybes” and “depends” will turn into “Take my money!” and “I’ll sell my first born to John Podesta if I can just lick the monitor that burned the gold master disc!”


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