Weekly Jump Details Dragon Quest XI’s Smithing System

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is shaping up to be a pretty big game in that it offers a lot for players to do. Sites like Famitsu and the DQXI main website offer up details every so often that really highlight just how big the game is. Lately, the Weekly Jump magazine elaborated on a new feature called the “Mysterious Smithing” system in its latest issue.

Featured in the most recent Weekly Jump, the publication is said to be the first to detail the new smithing system in Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. Thanks to Gematsu we learn how the smithing process will work in DQXI.

If you want to see the screenshot covering the latest feature in the Weekly Jump you can check it out below.

As seen above, different scenarios play out for readers to see how the smithing system operates. All-in-all, procedures and steps must be taken to make a specific item or weapon of some sort. In other words you just don’t find materials, head to the work-bench and from there you own whatever it is that you’ve cooked up, no instead you will need to follow this layout:

  • First, you must get ready and prepare a “Mysterious Smithing” by obtaining a recipe. You can find recipes on book shelves and other locations
  • Second, you must prepare the necessary materials, which you can find in specific locations around the world map such as fields and caves
  • Third, you can now start the smithing process. This will prompt a meter to appear where you will need to press a button repeatedly to strike at the ore to fill the gauge to the top — A.K.A the success zone.

The smithing system allows players to strengthen equipment, too. Applicable items that can be strengthen include weapons, armor and other forms of equipment. Lastly, there are special skills that can make smithing easier as well as items called “Restrike Gems” that can strengthen equipment you already own.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to launch for PS4 and 3DS on July 29th in Japan. No Western date has been revealed yet, nor has a Nintendo Switch release date been set.


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