Weekly Recap May 13th:Kotaku’s Fake News Flub, EA Puts Mass Effect On Ice
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2017)

The week ending on May 13th wrapped up with a few more ethical issues from outlets like the Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed and Kotaku. Out of them all only Kotaku had the balls to apologize for publishing blatantly false information… also known as “fake news”. The others had no remorse, and since there’s no recourse for publishing defamatory fake news in today’s society, they’ve just gone on with business as usual and a minor update blurb about the news being fake.

Additionally, Electronic Arts both praised and backhand slapped Mass Effect after the Andromeda debacle. CEO Andrew Wilson extolled BioWare Montreal’s latest efforts during the earnings call to investors, but he secretly had studio downsized and the Mass Effect brand has been shelved and put on ice. That’s what they get for going full SJW. These stories and more in this May 13th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Huffington Post Goes Full Retard On #GamerGate

A citation-free post on the Huffington Post from Ian P. Buckingham has caused ripple waves in the world of “fake news”, letting everyone know that mainstream news media still can’t be trusted, even when reporting on simple things like #GamerGate. The Rising Storm 2 closed beta became playable this week starting on May 11th, giving gamers a small taste of what’s to come for the upcoming first-person shooter. Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been pushed back all the way to the latter half of 2018. The French Electoral Commission forbade news media from reporting on the Macron e-mail leaks, hoping that the censorship of the event would lead to a victory for Presidential hopeful… and it did. And new rumors for details on the next Assassin’s Creed have surfaced and it could end up taking place in Egypt.


New Metroid For Nintendo Switch?

So how well did the sequel to the 2013 horror title stack up? Well… well enough. The game dives deep into the occult, with lots of rape and murder, and plenty of infanticide. Of course, if you’re not into baby killing this probably won’t be the game for you, but you can check out our Outlast 2 review just to be sure. New images popped up for Knack 2 ahead of the game’s big reveal during this upcoming E3. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles managed to secure a release date of July 18th later this summer for PS4 and Steam. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s final zombies DLC will actually be a compilation pack of all the previous zombie maps that Treyarch worked on… and it’s expensive as heck. And finally, there could be a new Metroid game in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Keep thy fingers crossed.


Kotaku Gets Caught And Apologizes For Pushing Fake News

Well, well, well… it looks like it’s about ethics in journalism after all. After getting caught out not fact-checking a piece about some trolls trolling for the sake of catching large outlets like Buzzfeed and other SJW-driven media out for their bias and agenda driven drivel, Kotaku actually apologized for publishing fake news. It’s a story worthy of a thousand keks. And speaking of ethics in journalism… a #GamerGate supporter wants to take a gonzo approach to history telling by putting together an ebook about the actual facts and events that created and perpetuated the phenomenon known as #GamerGate. The project is on IndieGoGo right now. EA and Ghost Games also announced that one of the main features of this year’s Need For Speed outing is that the game will feature offline single-player and the ability to pause the game… that’s right… you can pause the game! And fans of SNK’s King of Fighters can rejoice because King of Fighters XIV will launch on Steam for PC this month.


BioWare Downsizes While Game Gets Delayed And Mass Effect Is Patched

Lots and lots of Mass Effect news here. The first bit is that Electronic Arts has delayed BioWare’s mystery project codenamed “Dylan” being worked on at the Austin, Texas office. They say it wasn’t because of Mass Effect: Andromeda but let’s face it… it’s because of Mass Effect: Andromeda. In fact, reports have indicated that BioWare Montreal has been downsized and moved to other support projects after the Mass Effect: Andromeda failure. The latest rumors for Far Cry 5 indicate that the new game could be a first-person shooter, and after begging Sega since forever for the game, they announced that Platinum Games’ Vanquish is coming to PC on Steam at the end of May.


Not Many People Plan To Buy Xbox Scorpio

The Xbox Scorpio has a real uphill struggle to overcome, with only 13% of hardcore gamers interested in buying the system this fall, according to a Nielsen Media report. A new FMV game is on the way called The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, and it’s receiving quite a bit of hype for what it plans to achieve, being a new-school FMV mystery experience with a new way for players to interact with the characters. Nearly 13% of gamers haven’t been buying new games because they feel they would rather play their back catalog of games instead. Square Enix has severed ties with Hitman developer IO Interactive. And it turns out that 77% of fans of e-sports are males… proving that while 50% of total gamers may be female, a majority of males are the hardcore gamers.

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  • jlenoconel

    So, there you have it. SJWs ruining the gaming industry, killing franchises. Isn’t it sad?

    • Disqusted

      The saddest part is how many companies think it’s profitable to almost exclusively pander to non-customers, while alienating and even bullying/ridiculing loyal customers.

      • jlenoconel

        Its because a lot of the people working for these companies are SJWs themselves. Funny thing is, Horizon Zero Dawn, the big AAA game with a female lead protagonist, flopped in the States. It performed relatively well in its first few weeks in Europe, but has now more or less fallen off the radar. Will be curious to see how future games with female protagonists do.

    • Paradox Reign

      Actually…. no. I really hope that the gaming market breaks down in NA, so that it can rise like back in the days from the ashes again. Those companies need to end just like those SJWs and feminists. Only then, we can enjoy games again.

  • BioWare – arrgghh!!!
    Used to love them – then…..well….SJW’s (do SJW even buy games – always wondered that?)…..rust in pieces Mass Effect .
    Just give us mod support – and we’ll gladly fix it ourselves.
    Lord knows Skyrim wasn’t perfect – but is still going strong because of mods.

  • Yeah but then they couldn’t virtue signal.

  • anopolis

    if we get anything out of this…i want mass effect back…remember way back a few years ago when it was an epic scifi?? that was great…i hope ever single one of the SWJ morons get tossed out on the road..right on their ass..and i hope they see how stupid they were and then re apply get another job and make a good scifi game..that doesn’t suck…and doesn’t have a tranny in it..cause thats stupid…you’d think we…in the future would be able to chop a weenie off and make it like no one would ever know…hell we can travel faster than light but can’t get a weenie off a body….or make a weenie..i don’t know how all that works…..i don’t really wanna know….imagine kissing a girl that used to be a dude….it changes scifi to horror.

    • Ghost

      If there was a way to make me into an authentic woman, mybe via mind swap, and not chopping off my dick, I’d do it in a heart beat. I’d be a lesbian of course. A hot lesbian who has sex with hot blue alien lesbian’s.

      • jlenoconel

        I like being a dude, but then I’m gay, so I have the gay male equivalent of what you want lol.

        • anopolis

          being a dude is pretty bad ass…i can pick shit up…reach stuff in the highest shelves…i don’t understand the whole gay thing…i mean…boobies man….boobies…mmmmmmm boobies….

          • jlenoconel

            I like hard, muscular boobies like a man has, otherwise known as pecs. Boobies could probably be fun. I used to have a crush on Lolo Ferrari and the 1% straight in me might have gone there lol.

      • anopolis

        …yeah…but given..my hygiene habits and general lack of femininity…i’d end up looking like a trucker dyke lesbian…in which case im better off as is!!..i got equipment built in..no need for toys…if you know what im saying.

  • Disqusted

    Gross header image almost looks like Sarquasar without makeup.

    • Disqusted

      Just noticed that video about people not knowing of PS4 Pro or Project Scorpio. Why is that guy spoiling Edith Finch while he talks about that stuff? Seems so irrelevant and potentially disadvantageous to himself.