Worlds Adrift, Physics-Based Ship Game Enters Closed Beta On Steam

Looking for a game built around physics? If building physics-based airships, exploring a strange world with other people online and creating your own stories seems like fun, then you might find publisher and developer Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift as a game worthy of your interest. The game is currently in Closed Beta right now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Airships, skyships, boatships, whatever it is that comes to mind you can build it in Worlds Adrift. The MMO may or may not look beautiful to some, but it does come packed with a lot of interaction whether it be physics-based building or exploring new places.

If any of the above seems like something that you can get behind, the official description explaining more about Worlds Adrift lies below for your reading pleasure.

“Band together to build skyships and explore the floating islands of a shattered world. Find lost technology, unearth the mysteries of past civilisations, and join or fight other players in the quest for knowledge. Play the first unscripted sandbox MMO with real-time physics.”

The game is all about player made stories, free-form friendships/rivalries, skill based gameplay, customization, a persistent physics based world, and tons of exploration. Surely, if you are into games that focus on player actions rather than scripted events, then you more than likely will find interest in this game. But instead of saying you’ll be interested, you can be the judge of that by watching the official gameplay trailer that GameCross posted.

Before concluding, the only way to get into the Closed Beta as of now is to sign up through the game’s main site, which you can learn more about the sign up process by heading on over to the main forum board.

As of right now, Worlds Adrift is currently up on Steam Early Access. Additional information explaining the game can be found by hitting up