XField Paintball 3, Competitive Paintball Title Readies To Launch On Steam May 30th
XField Paintball 3

Xfield Paintabll Studio announced that a first-person shooter paintball game appropriately named XField Paintball 3 for PC is on the way. The sports-based game is expected to make waves via Steam at the end of the month on May 30th.

Philippe Constant, the president of XField Paintball Studio, commented about their aims for the upcoming competitive sports title, mentioning in the press release…

“XField Paintball 3 will put players into the shoes of top-level paintball players for intense and hard-fought matches on the same arena layouts used in professional competitions,” “Our game sets the new standard for the competitive multiplayer paintball experience for FPS fans, taking the knowledge gained from our millions of mobile players to a brand new PC title that provides a highly tuned competitive gaming experience.”

It reminds me of the old Greg Hastings Paintball games that came out a while back for home consoles. Sadly, we just don’t get enough of these kind of genre-diverse titles that explore the different elements of extreme sports and competitive gaming. Too often developers are stuck chasing the nostalgia of Quake’s arena shooter paradigm, or the hero-shooter made popular by Overwatch. We still even occasionally get some awful military shooter clones still trying to mimic (and usurp the sales of) Call of Duty.

In this case, XField Paintball 3 has players in various arenas, dealing with physics-based paintball ballistics, and having to use teamwork and tactics to overcome opponents in the pylon-filled arenas. You can check out the trailer below, which gives you a brief look at how the parabolic paintball shooting arcs work, and some of the high-octane and intense teamwork plays out on the playing field.

The game doesn’t look that much more visually dynamic than Greg Hastings from more than a decade ago, but the added pre-match team strategy, improved paintball physics, and competitive-based gameplay could give it an edge on the market where the industry is currently bereft of any sort of competition in the recreational paintball sub-genre.

There are a couple of different ways to win a match, either eliminating all of the other opponents, hitting the buzzer on the opposing team’s side, or have the best position by the time the round ends.

The game features the top 20 paintball organizations and manufacturers from around the world, as well as real-to-life recreations of the tournament fields and league competitions.

You can look for XField Paintball 3 to drop on Steam starting May 30th. For more info you can visit the official Steam store page.


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