Xfield Paintball 3 Now Available On Steam For $29.99
XField Paintball 3

Xfield Paintball SAS announced that their first-person, team-based sports shooter Xfield Paintball 3 has officially launched on Steam for $29.99.

The game features tactical first-person combat based around the pro sport of competitive paintball. This includes arenas based on real-life locations featuring both indoor and outdoor setups, along with the ability to strategically map out your team plays well before a match starts, identical to the planning and tactical team phase in the original Rainbow Six games from back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Philippe Constant, the president of XField Paintball Studio explained in the press release what their goal was for the game and how they approached designing it, stating…

“For the first time outside of official league tournaments, paintball fans can enjoy the authentic experience of battling to lead their team to victory on the same arena maps played by the pros,”.


“XField Paintball 3 presents PC gamers with an exciting new type of multiplayer FPS competition with unique parabolic paintball physics that change the way cover works in the context of dynamic team strategy and fast-paced matches that reward teamwork as much as shooting skill.”

Very similar to Greg Hastings Paintball, players will be able to use the pylons and obstacles as cover while also moving and diving through the playing field in order to get the most advantageous position possible in order to overcome their opposition. You can see how the game plays out and what went into it by checking out the launch trailer below.

They explain in the trailer that the game is based on a brand new engine designed specifically for XField Paintball 3, along with utilizing paint-drop physics so players will need to use smarts in dropping the paint on their opponents due to the curved trajectory of the paint balls.

You can grab a digital copy of the game right now, or wait for more reviews to become available before diving in head first. For more info you can check out the Steam store page.


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