343 Industries Comments On Halo 6 Development And LAN Support

With the most recent confirmation made by 343 Industries that split-screen will make a return in the upcoming Halo game working under the moniker of Halo 6, some fans wanted to know some stuff regarding the new Halo entry and it seems that 343 Industries founder, Bonnie Ross, had some replies for those questions.

As many fans of Halo 6 should already know, 343 Industries will show something “special” at this year’s E3 but it won’t be Halo 6 related. However, during the time of said game convention, some users on Twitter took to their accounts to ask 343 Industries founder, Bonnie Ross, whether or not Halo 6 would pop up at E3 2017.

Although the above response by Ross stands to be typical talk that can be found whenever a developer is asked about a game’s development, folks eager for Halo 6 news can now rejoice in that development is going “good” as of this moment.

Additionally, another question came in by another fan of the Halo series regarding LAN support. A lot of Halo fans enjoyed both split-screen and LAN support, which upon finding out that local multiplayer was absent from the fifth game quite a bit of fans were upset. However, it seems that both split-screen and LAN will be in Halo 6.

Moreover, the above header image was shown during the Xbox One X reveal that shows Master Chief. The image of the iconic green marine or Spartan had a lot of people talking, which includes the two tweets, stirring up a lot of fans who had no clue that Halo 6 would not appear at this year’s E3 to inquire about the upcoming first-person shooter’s presence and if it would be at the ongoing convention.

As it stands now, it seems that there are some fans tired of the Halo games while other fans are still pumped to see Master Chief continue and fight incoming threats. However, the true question is are you still excited to see the Halo series continue?


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