343 Industries Comments On Halo 6 Development And LAN Support
(Last Updated On: June 12, 2017)

With the most recent confirmation made by 343 Industries that split-screen will make a return in the upcoming Halo game working under the moniker of Halo 6, some fans wanted to know some stuff regarding the new Halo entry and it seems that 343 Industries founder, Bonnie Ross, had some replies for those questions.

As many fans of Halo 6 should already know, 343 Industries will show something “special” at this year’s E3 but it won’t be Halo 6 related. However, during the time of said game convention, some users on Twitter took to their accounts to ask 343 Industries founder, Bonnie Ross, whether or not Halo 6 would pop up at E3 2017.

Although the above response by Ross stands to be typical talk that can be found whenever a developer is asked about a game’s development, folks eager for Halo 6 news can now rejoice in that development is going “good” as of this moment.

Additionally, another question came in by another fan of the Halo series regarding LAN support. A lot of Halo fans enjoyed both split-screen and LAN support, which upon finding out that local multiplayer was absent from the fifth game quite a bit of fans were upset. However, it seems that both split-screen and LAN will be in Halo 6.

Moreover, the above header image was shown during the Xbox One X reveal that shows Master Chief. The image of the iconic green marine or Spartan had a lot of people talking, which includes the two tweets, stirring up a lot of fans who had no clue that Halo 6 would not appear at this year’s E3 to inquire about the upcoming first-person shooter’s presence and if it would be at the ongoing convention.

As it stands now, it seems that there are some fans tired of the Halo games while other fans are still pumped to see Master Chief continue and fight incoming threats. However, the true question is are you still excited to see the Halo series continue?

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  • Gorgon

    The correct way to phrase it would be “it’s going well”. “Going good” is uneducated plebspeak. 10 points from Griffindor.

  • Phasmatis75

    After 6 Microsoft will probably ax the Halo series. It’s just god awful at this point and the lore has been butchered to high heavens.

  • tajlund

    Off topic, but just to let the writers here know, there is an anti-sjw backlash going on right now against Dishonored:Death of the Outsider. It’s almost every topic on the Steam discussions for the game.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Was supposed to do something about it yesterday but there’s just so much to cover.

      • tajlund


      • descent3031

        Yeah I’m actually amazed that you have the time and energy to keep up the content and kick the shit in the comments section.. Also appreciative. Only found this site fairly recently, and really enjoying it. Ideally, I’d like a site that was neutral, but with non available, one where I can call SJWs fuckheads will do in a pinch.

        • Agreed about the neutrality. Sadly the whole SJWism stuff really pumps my pistons, though. But whatevs.

          Glad you like the site. Only requires a bit of hollering and cursing at the domain hosts every once in a while to keep it up and running, heh.

    • Phasmatis75

      Well that’s for good reason (though I didn’t know people were as outraged as I was).
      1) Is continuity breaking that she doesn’t have her arm in the trailer. We reversed time and she was healed.
      2) The Outsider is not responsible for anything either directly or indirectly in lore. In fact it can be argued without him Corvo wouldn’t have succeeded.
      3) But he is a white male by which all their own actions are being blamed.

      It’s good to know that the series will be dead after this dlc.

      • tajlund

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who understands that if they are following the best ending, the missing arm breaks continuity. The eye too if I remember right. Everyone on Steam keeps arguing with me. It’s true that the Outsider really isn’t responsible, but the creators have mentioned several times that he was eventually going to die. It happens in cycles.

        The whole SJW thing is mainly that people believe that you play as Billie for SJW reasons. I’m not in complete agreement, but I would still rather play as Daud. I grew rather attached to him in the first games dlc.

        In no way do I want the game to series to end. It’s one of the best game universes out there and there are still a ton of stories to tell.

        A lot of the “controversy” is anti-sjw trolls having a lot of fun at the expense of the outraged sjw’s who want to White Knight every comment that someone makes. And then of course anyone who says they don’t want to play as billie is automatically a misogynist. It’s pretty twisted.

        I’m still buying it, and still playing it because I trust the team to produce a good story. DS2 is the closest they have come to letting me down and it’s still a good story. (Even if it felt like it was missing something. I never could figure out what that was though).

        • Phasmatis75

          Frankly no it’s not. Dishonored 2 was crammed full of Marxism and SJWism. The only time they came up from kissing their main villains ass while trying to simultaneously make her sympathetic was to paint more bs about the oppressive regime exploiting the workers and people for their benefit.

          The original game set up an unique world with unique technology that the sequel just threw entirely away and then proceeded to use nothing it created through the majority of the campaign in any logical manner.

          Half the peaceful removal from power would never work and shouldn’t have worked by any stretch of the imagination. Overall I’m trying to say the game’s plot was horrible because all it was focused on was delivered a forced political narrative.

          Billy was said to be the main focus of the DLC, but what makes it look SJW is that they’re blaming the white male god on everything that is happening. To be frank Billy or Daude replacing him is obviously going to happen, and since we can’t have white males in power it’ll be Billy.

          Series is dead after this DLC. The main game already sold 30% worse than the first game at launch and doesn’t even break 700,000 on steam (where as the original sits at over 3 million). Prey didn’t do well either so Arkane are in trouble and frankly after they started virtue signally they can be shuttered for all I care.

          I’m glad normies are finally rising up against this bs. Bethesda’s entire E3 conferences was a shitshow from start to finish and right now they deserve all the hate they are getting.

          • tajlund

            Okay, I can see some of where you are coming from but will have to respectfully disagree. While you make some great points the game actually undermines many of the things you accuse it of. The only outright Marxist character in the game is the women who was trying to get a peoples revolt going, and she didn’t succeed, no one would join. When you find her she’s in an office all alone with her posters, having to ask someone she knows is royalty for help. Who do you save in the game that is the “voice of the people” the rich, white, businessman who runs the mines. All the people really wanted in Karnaca was to go back to the safety and wages that were under the old duke. The whole point of the game is for Emily (if you play as her) to learn how bad she screwed up as Empress by ignoring everything going on in her empire. Even when you do overthrow the Duke you don’t do any big SJW statement. You replace him with a duplicate white man (literally) who is loyal to the crown. As for Delilah and her bullshit, it really isn’t made completely clear she is telling the truth about anything. The only evidence you have that she isn’t lying is writings that she authorized and one comment from Emily’s mother while in the void. Besides, why have pity? If she wasn’t a royal bastard she couldn’t have expected anything (who knows if the reason they got kicked out of the tower was even true), and even if she was the royal bastard just look at history or even fantasy fiction to see they got treated pretty well. (Especially since Jessamanes father was kind of an asshole according to the Dunwall Archives). It didn’t really feel like there was any particular narrative being forced on anyone except maybe that Emily was a crap Empress more interested in running around on rooftops than being engaged in running the empire.

            And the part that really made a great point was take a look what happened when someone not born into royalty, nor having earned their way into leadership took over the kingdom. Dunwall was basically a ghost town and the tower looked like the aftermath of a BLM rally. They actually did show the reality of what happens when a Marxist revolution occurs. Corruption, filth and death.

          • Phasmatis75

            Actually you are wrong, the entire undertones of the Dishonored 2 are Marxist in nature. You have an out of touch Bourgeois in Donwall ignoring the abuses of the bourgeois in Karnaca. The Duke is the textbook definition of bourgeois, even berating the workers for being lazy. The good Industrialist is textbook socialist giving back to the people.

            You replace the Duke in a scheme that would never work in a million years. Do you really think the only difference between the two would be a madalion? Not some scar, burn mark, tatoo, or anything else that would distinguish them from each other. Second as others have pointed out a body double is usually fiercely loyal, his willing betrayal of the Duke is entirely something a body double wouldn’t be willing to do.

            One of the numerous examples of bad writing the game presented. Trying to make Delilah sympathetic with the most pathetic excuses is another example of the horrible writing the game had. Everyone sings her praises, her enemies, her sister, the outsider, everyone thinks she is so great, and let me tell you that is not good writing. That is the kind of writing you see in feminist or SJW works where they think they’re so progressive with a female villain, whom in this case didn’t even get punished in the end but got everything she wanted despite being a horrible atrocious person and leader. Worse she shouldn’t even be alive anymore, but they just needed a strong female villain and were too lazy to create a new one.

            You really should pay more attention to the subtle undertones of the narrative and consider the intent of every scene presented. They leave you with two choices: Intended Feminism/marxism narrative or one of the worse narratives in recent years.

            Also remember how the male part of the church was painted as completely evil and authoritative. Even having NPCs mock it with the female part of the church being considered noble even though they were being manipulated. Even after the manipulation stops they don’t do a thing, it’s litter ally dropped as a plot thread because they didn’t want to have an equal measure of females die with the males at the end of the game.

            And even that ending makes no sense when you consider what happens to Delilah. By your own argument, they also painted Delihah as not real Marxism which is what you do back in Karnaka. Not my opinion personally. I think the ending was rushed, poorly constructed, and probably the result of competing narratives.

  • Ghost

    I’m a Halo fan from back in the day and here’s what I think: Kill it.