AereA, Music-Themed RPG Launches On Steam; Coming To PS4, Xbox One June 30th

AereA Launch

Soedesco Publishing and Triangle Studios announced that their musically-themed action-RPG, AereA, is currently available right now on Steam for PC. You can grab a digital copy for $29.99. During the first week of being on sale, you can also get a 15% discount making it only $25.49.

Gamers wanting get in on the action on home consoles will have to wait a while, though. Soedesco has plans on publishing the game in a physical retail edition as well as a collector’s item, along with releasing the game digitally on the Xbox One and PS4 on June 30th.

I suppose some gamers are wondering why they would break release parity to dump AereA on Steam first before the other consoles? Well, Hans van Brakel from Soedesco explained it all in the press release, where he stated…

“We are excited about every game we release, but since AereA is an original Soedesco IP we are even more thrilled. This launch is a surprise release on Steam, because we couldn’t wait to share this great game with players,”

So there you have it. Steam gamers get it early because it’s a new IP and Soedesco were too excited to keep it contained.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As the trailer showcases, the game sports up to four-player cooperative modes sporting four different player classes. Each class is the traditional archetype, involving the archer, gunner, mage and warrior. Only their design motif has been fitted for the musical theme of the game, which centers around players having to venture a number of different isles in order to recover nine mystical musical instruments.

The gameplay is quite similar to other isometric, hack-and-slash, action-RPG titles. So if you’re familiar with stuff like Gauntlet or Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance or any other overhead co-op game, you’ll be right at home with AereA.

Oddly the game’s co-op only seems to sport local multiplayer. They don’t mention anything about online support, so that’s something to consider if you decide to pick it up.

Additionally PC gamers will have access to native 4K support for those of you with big rigs.

You can grab a digital copy of AereA right now over on the Steam store, or you can wait it out and get the game on Xbox One or PS4 starting June 30th.