Agents of Mayhem Trailer Focuses On Killer Scientists And Engineers
Agents of Mayhem - Joule

Deep Silver and Volition Software released the latest trailer for Agents of Mayhem, a rackous romp through Neo-Seoul featuring some of the destructive cast of characters doing what they do best.

The trailer is titled “Bombshells” and focuses on Joule, Rama and Red Card. The first two are from the STEM field but are also as beautiful as they are deadly. Joule is a fashion model, gunslinger engineer, crafting her own weapons in her spare time while being a fashionista.

Rama is an immunologist, while also doubling down as an assassin with a penchant for archery.

The third character they highlight is Red Card, a large football player and a brute. You can check out the trailer below.

The characters are definitely cartoony and there’s a lot of life put into their personalities, but it really does remind me a lot of Overwatch insofar that the world-building outside of the game is better than the game itself.

Essentially Agents of Mayhem is Saints Row IV with less features. You don’t get to customize your vehicles, there is no character customization (but the characters do get different skins), you’re pigeon-holed into preset weapon loadouts for each of the character classes, and there is no multiplayer co-op like in the previous games.

Agents of Mayhem - Enemy

Worse yet is that there is no real challenge or unique characteristics to the villains. A lot of them are faceless robots or henchmen that pose about as much of a threat to the player as Conor McGregor does to Floyd Mayweather’s undefeated streak.

It’s hard to get excited for Agents of Mayhem when the game essentially looks like it belongs on the PS3 and seems to be the epitome of generic gameplay. There’s a lot of recycled mechanics from the original Crackdown from back on the Xbox 360, but absolutely nothing new to help bolster the appeal of why this game needs to be owned.

Agents of Mayhem - Red Card

Right now they run the vicious risk of launching on August 15th and completely disappearing from the market due to a lack of interest, despite some of Volition’s fan-followers having fervid adoration for the title.

Unless they showcase some worthwhile gameplay, it’ll be competing against another generic open-world shooter due out this fall on the Xbox One X, Crackdown 3.


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