Angela Merkel, German Chancellor Will Open GamesCom Amid Migrant Controversy

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will walk the show floor of the Koelnmesse exhibition center in Cologne, Germany as well as open this year’s GamesCom event starting Tuesday on August 22nd.

International Business Times is reporting that the German Chancellor will open up GamesCom, the annual event that brings together hundreds of thousands of gamers, exhibitors, developers, software publishers, and technology enthusiasts into a giant gathering featuring the latest that the electronic entertainment industry has to offer.

Koelnmesse president and CEO Gerald Böse explained that it’s a big step forward for the industry having Merkel open the event, mentioning to IB Times…

“With her visit she honours the development of Gamescom into one of the most successful and largest events in the German trade fair system. Gamescom is today the world’s largest event for computer and video games.”

Merkel’s appearance may not go down as well as some of the spokespeople may be letting on. Merkel is under immense pressure from the European Union to further open up the borders of Germany for migrants attempting to get away from the civil war taking place in Syria.

According to, President of European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has been bearing down on Merkel to further open up Germany’s borders, saying…

“It is possible that the Merkel government does not want to start the Dublin reform until the elections in September.

“However, Parliament will move forward, we will put pressure on it, we will vote on the Commission’s proposal to improve it and strengthen automatic redistribution.”

Some members of the EU parliament are claiming that Merkel’s reticence toward allowing more migrants into Germany is due to her trying to win back votes from the populace for the upcoming election.

For those who don’t know, Merkel opened up the borders to Germany, allowing in many refugees without proper vetting or municipal displacement, resulting in a lot of refugees inter-mixing with the native German residents. This resulted in lots of violence, and a mass rape ritual against native German women, which resulted in more than 1,200 victims, as reported by the Washington Post.

Ironically, the attacks took place in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve.

While there has been an irresponsible and poorly structured push to accept migrants and refugees from the warfront in the middle-east, many native residents of countries that are being forced to take in the migrants feel as if safety is being jeopardized for a push for more “diversity” and “inclusiveness” even while the cultures are very obviously clashing. With a lack of acculturation programs, many feel it’s dangerous to just keep letting in migrants without proper vetting.

It will be interesting to see how gamers from around the world take to Merkel’s presence at the event in August when GamesCom gets underway in Cologne, Germany.

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