Argo Set To Release Free For PC On June 22nd, Playable Demo Now Live

Whether you like Bohemia Interactive or not, the team has a new release date for Argo — a first-person shooter PvP game. Set to release for PC via Steam on June 22nd, a playable demo is currently available for gamers to try out right now.

Using Arma 3’s engine as a base but said to be a standalone game is Bohemia Interactive’s Argo. The new competitive and cooperative tactical shooter for PC will be available for free starting June 22nd. The game is said to have no micro-transactions, but it will sport an optional “Supporter’s Pack” that allows for players to gain “premium content”, so take that however you will.

According to the devs, Argo will be a re-imagining of the island of Malden from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The map is said to be 62 square kilometers in size, and on June 22nd the map will release on the same day for Arma 3 as free DLC.

Moreover, Argo will include three different game modes that consists of Link, Clash, and Raid. Players can either opt in and play one of the three game modes in a 5 Vs 5 mercenary match-up, or participate in a 10 player mode called “Combat Patrol” that pits you against AI units in an open world-like setting.

Three videos showing the three game modes Link, Clash and Raid sit below for your viewing pleasure, which comes in by Bohemia Interactive.

If the above looked just okay to you or something that you can get behind, there is good news for you in that a playable version is currently up that can be accessed over on Bohemia’s “Incubator” project page.

In addition to the Incubator, it is a new label for experimental Bohemia Interactive games that are made available to people who want to try out a game but aren’t sure if it is good or not, which includes Argo.

Finally, Argo is set to drop for PC via Steam on June 22nd. More information about this game can be found by hitting up


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