ARMS Update 1.1.0 Adds Spectator Mode, LAN Play
ARMS Update

The Nintendo Switch fighting game, ARMS, was updated just before June rounded out, as promised by producer Mr. Yabuki. The new update for version 1.1.0 adds LAN play from the main menu, along with the new Arena mode that allows other players to spectate on the match, which will make it a perfect companion feature for e-sports events.

Nintendo Everything rolled out all the details of the update, noting that a minor spelling mistake was fixed, along with a fix for Kid Cobra’s repeat charge dash while riding snake boards, and another fix for Barq who would teleport away from Byte while on the snake board. They also fixed the Chakram arms would pass through the light boxes in the Ribbon Ring stage and they detailed that the Arena mode will allow for up to four players to participate in the match, while a one-on-one fight takes place, allowing for two people to spectate.

ARMS was a surprising entry on the Nintendo Switch because it’s a heck o fa lot more fun than I thought it would be. The motion controls are particularly responsive and a lot more reactive than what I would have imagined from a motion-based fighting game. The characters will punch as fast as you can throw your fists in the air. As you can imagine, the game will give you a serious workout after playing it for an hour or so. Seriously, if you’re thinking about getting into shape but you hate exercising, this is the perfect game to play, especially online where the rapidly adaptive skill levels of other players will keep you on your toes (and keep you in shape).

If you’ve got the feck to step into the ring you can pick up ARMS right now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

The free updates won’t end with the June roll-out, though. Nintendo announced that another playable character will join the roster in July, a certain Max Brass. You can expect more free content for ARMS to release throughout the rest of the year and into 2018.


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