Attack On Titan: Future Coordinates Gains New Announcement Trailer

Recently Spike Chunsoft dropped the first gameplay video for the newly announced Nintendo 3DS game Attack on Titan: Future Coordinates. The named game’s new trailer has arrived and reveals that the title itself is said to take place in parallel with the events happening in Attack on Titan’s second season of the anime. Attack on Titan: Future Coordinates is set to release for 3DS in Japan sometime in 2017; it currently has no Western release date.

The initial teaser website that came as a huge hint that a new Attack on Titan game was in the works not only served as a reveal of Spike Chunsoft gearing up to showcase something AoT related, but it also meant that fans who haven’t seen season two of the anime will be able to play out some of the events in game form.

As fans have already expected, the teaser website led to Spike Chunsoft revealing the upcoming game in the AoT realm, namely referred to as Future Coordinates, through a TV spot.

The TV spot reveals that players will have to assemble their teammates, reinforce strongholds by building up walls, and, of course, slaying Titans that are ready to attack.

Furthermore, the TV spot also explores more than the “Story Mode” present in the game that is said to run parallel to the second season of Attack on Titan the anime, but it also explores a “World Mode” that let’s players and their friends (up to four) team up and hunt Titans.

Below comes a video trailer or the TV spot showing the aforesaid, which the 30 second video itself comes in by Spike Chunsoft‘s YouTube channel.

I’m sure more gameplay and promotional videos regarding Attack on Titan: Future Coordinates will drop in the near future, but until then the game is set to release for 3DS in Japan sometime in 2017. And sadly at this moment, it has no Western release.


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