Black Panther’s First Trailer Goes For A Darker Marvel Movie Tone
Black Panther
(Last Updated On: June 9, 2017)

The first trailer for the MCU rendition of the famed Black Panther superhero comic book character seems to have separated itself from the other Marvel fanfare that has hit theaters or is coming soon to theaters. The almost comedic fall from grace for Thor and the upcoming teenage adventure thrillride for Spider-Man look decidedly bright and campy compared to the darker and more treacherous tone that Marvel has setup for Black Panther.

The first trailer is only two minutes long but it’s really well done. Also, it doesn’t give a way a darn thing. That’s how a trailer should be!

You can check it out below courtesy of KinoCheck International.

Veteran actor Andy Serkis really sets the mood for the trailer by making the Black Panther come across as a feared and dangerous individual.

We had glimpses of what he could do when he made an appearance in Captain America: Civil War (which admittedly seemed more like an Avengers movie than a solo superhero flick). But here we seem to get the impression that the Black Panther is a bit of a larger-than-life myth within the African region, as Serkis’ character describes the uncanny abilities of the would-be king of Wakanda.

Michael B. Jordan seems to be the underhanded foil of a villain, coming across similar to the likes of what the Ocean Master is to Aquaman. I really hope they don’t dumb down Jordan’s role similar to how they stole the thunder out from under Jeff Bridges in the original Iron Man. Marvel has a tendency of under-utilizing their villains or under developing them. Zemo was one of the only villains who had a legitimate plan and carried it out in a way that was believable for the character.

Hopefully Serkis isn’t under-utilized either because his Ulysses Klaue was definitely under-utilized in Avengers: Age of Ultron but here this trailer seems like it gives him something really meaty to sink his teeth into.

There’s a heck of a lot of potential for the movie, and the darker tone they’ve taken with the trailer could help breathe some life into a rather stale MCU formula.

Movie goers will have a long-arse wait ahead of them, though. Fans won’t be able to lay eyeballs on the finished product until February 16th, 2018.

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  • Dub Ljay

    Damn….was really hoping Tyler Perry was the director…Madea could have been Black Panthers mother, lol….well it least it will be a good “black” movie

  • Paradox Reign

    You know what would be cool? If they would make T’Challa white. Just for shits and giggles and to piss off all those SJWs and “Black Life Matters” fanatics. I would laugh my ass off, but we all know that would be “white-washing”, which is very bad unlike “black-washing”, which is equality.

  • John27

    When is Hollywood going to be done with all this capeshit? – A rhetorical question – when they stop making a profit.


    I have to admit, it does look fuckin’ cool. If they can keep the anti-white narrative shit out of it it’d be even better. The movies so far have managed to keep social justice shit out of them, but with this one and Captain Marvel coming up and everyone making a big deal out of Captain Marvel’s director being a woman, I still remain cautiously optimistic.

    The Jessica Jones “male tears” tweet kinda punched me in the gut, as I have no interest in seeing any of that show now because of it.

    • LurkerJK

      Sorry, but they are already going “That’s what Africa would look like today without the white man”

    • I do worry about Marvel’s comic SJWism infecting their movies. The trailer looks cool for Black Panther but hopefully they don’t get divisive with race politics because it just won’t end well.

  • Bamf

    Doesn’t look darker to me, but just different, which is definitely good. I liked Dr. Strange, but I have to say it was definitely the same story as usual.
    Maybe, it’s good that they introduced the Panther in Civil War first.

  • Bitterbear

    They missed a golden opportunity of not borrowing from the early Marvel Comics where Black Panther was like a happy go lucky Disney Princess avoiding responsibility but eventually grew up to become the Grimdark Mary Sue.

  • John27

    Negroids that have left the stone age all by themselves qualifies this movie as science fiction.

  • They finally have an actual excuse to use black characters in a film – a majority of the cast, at that.

    • mikebrand83

      Of course, that’d probably mean that the majority of enemy grunts and people killed in during the film in general will also be black.

      Which is more than enough for SJWs to latch onto to claim that the film is racist, somehow (ref: Resident Evil 5).

      • Not sure how they could spin it as racist, considering the main villain is white.

        …Actually, I might’ve just answered my own question.

        • I think the main villain is Michael B. Jordan? He seems to want to usurp the throne from Black Panther. I think Serkis is a separate/lesser villain in the matter.

          • Well, regardless, there’s a white antagonist of some kind in there, so who knows what idiot would spin this to say “oh noes, look at whitey taking a role meant for a Black person!”.

          • Sadly it’ll happen regardless. Gosh I hope the media doesn’t try to play this up for any sociopolitical virtue signaling points. WB tried their darndest to avoid attaching Wonder Woman to feminism in any of the marketing, but the media still ran with that angle. If Marvel’s smart they’ll avoid diving into the sociopolitical aspects as a marketing campaign to prevent turning people away.

          • Gosh I hope the media doesn’t try to play this up for any sociopolitical virtue signaling points.

            No need. Just let Twitter do it for you.