Breakout Studio Reveals New Alpha Video Of MMORPG Life Of Rome

One of the latest MMORPGs set to arrive on PC via Steam Early Access comes from publisher and developer Breakout Studio, and the name of the game is Life of Rome. The MMO game is currently in an Alpha state and has a new video showing the latest progress of 2017.

Before jumping into the current state of the massive multiplayer Roman game, Life of Rome is a third and first-person online action game that is set during ancient Rome. The game is said by the devs, Breakout Studio, to follow the viewpoint of both those who claimed allegiance to Rome and the rebels who fought against them. The goal behind the game emphasizes on community made choices and organic player-driven politics represented in a 50km world of Rome.

“Life of Rome is a third and first-person MMORPG set in the world of 320AD Rome. Choose to be Roman allegiance or Rebels; designed to emphasise roleplay and community using family systems and player-driven politics.”

Below lies in-game screenshots of Life of Rome. The first image in the bundle of stills show the city from a top-down view and is followed by ground images showing key locations that can be seen from the top-down bird’s eye view (or the first image).

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I should note that the video below was recently posted up and is actually old but new, if that makes any sense. In other words, the video footage contains pre-alpha footage of the game but was just repacked and recently re-published by the devs. This means that the footage below does not represent the current build of Life of Rome, but it does show that the indie MMORPG title is coming together quite well.

Although the content below is subject to change, the first entry in the new video update series for Life of Rome shows the main monuments and a “small taste of what you can expect to find” when playing the game. You can check out the video update thanks to Life of Rome‘s YouTube channel.

Life of Rome is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access sometime in 2017. More information on the Roman MMORPG can be found by hitting up its main website that’s currently under construction.


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