Can gaming be used as a marketing tool?
Sneak King

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Gaming has seen extensive growth in recent years with many people naming it as one of their preferred hobbies. With this change has also come an even larger audience for the gaming industry as a whole. Given this sizable audience, many other brands are creating ways in which they can work collaboratively with the gaming industry to tap into this group of consumers.

The concept of using video games for advertising is known as advergaming where brand names actually appear in the game. This form of advertising is quite engaging and has been spread further thanks for social media sites like Facebook. Use of these games also permits companies to collect demographic data about their customers.

One popular example is the Xbox game, Sneak King, which was used to promote the fast food restaurant, Burger King. The game was sold with their extra value meals and could be downloaded and was one of three different titles. Another example of a restaurant using gaming is Chipotle Mexican Grill who used a video game and short film, “The Scarecrow” to spread the word about its new initiative to use ingredient grown locally and organically.

Online casinos have also been used to help promote various forms of media in the entertainment industry. For instance, slot machine games such as those mentioned in Vera John review often feature pop culture themes that promote movies and/or sports. The Dark Knight is a slot machine game that was designed around the popular film. The reels feature a number of characters requiring designers to obtain permission to the movie rights. The Gladiator Slot machine is another example using actual clips to also promote the film.

Given the effectiveness of gaming in marketing, it is likely this trend will continue with more and more industries seeking to get awareness of their brand out to consumers through this engaging and memorable strategy.


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