Cattle And Crops Tech Demo Now Playable; Patch v. Goes Live

Cattle and Crops finally has a playable Alpha tech demo for fans and gamers alike to play right now. The demo includes one map and two vehicles, and it recently received a new patch entitled v. Masterbrain Bytes’ Cattle and Crops is set to release for PC.

Cattle and Crops was featured on this very site a couple of times, once during its Steam Greenlight run and the second being its success on Kickstarter. As of recent, the indie devs, Masterbrain Bytes, have released a playable Alpha tech demo for gamers to play and an update patch that addresses a lot of the demo’s problems that goes by the build name of v.

Below reads an introductory that the devs posted up explaining what the Alpha tech demo has to offer at this very moment:

“The demo includes our development map and two vehicles: Claas Arion 530 and Köckerling Rebell Classic 410. Not only can you get a first-hand look at the map, the surroundings, the buildings and vehicles; there’ll also be a couple of quests which you can use to show off your cultivating capabilities in timed tests. The results will be stored in an online high score list and published later (completely optional, can be deactivated).”

If you want to jump into Cattle and Crops and play the game right now, I’d suggest that you look over at least one of the game’s trailers or gameplay videos, which one sits below. The video by Simul8 shows Cattle and Crops in its Alpha tech demo stage and what is currently present in the game.

Now that you have an idea as to what Cattle and Crops has to offer gamers, a bulleted guide telling how to play and install the Alpha tech demo lies below:

More information regarding the Alpha Tech demo and the latest update entitled v. can be found by visiting