E3 2017: Check Out Over 20 Minutes Of Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay

Mario is an iconic figure at this point and has been for quite some time. With that said, is the new Super Mario Odyssey riding off of an established name or will it bring something new and fun when it becomes available to play on the Nintendo Switch? Well, you don’t have to wait until October 27th to get an idea on how the new Mario game functions.

Following its release date announcement that was made not too long ago by Nintendo at E3 comes two demo videos showing in-game footage. If you happen to be a hater, fence-sitter or fan of Mario games, I think now is the time to gather around to help shape and form your opinion of Super Mario Odyssey, thanks to two new videos showing well over 20 minutes of gameplay.

The most recent footage of Super Mario Odyssey comes in by Nintendo. The first video showing the new Mario game in action comes in by an E3 Treehouse live stream that starts at 3:12 and ends around 24:59

Up next comes another video showing even more gameplay footage of Super Mario Odyssey. The video starts at 0:19 and runs all the way until 30:14.

Being honest here, Super Mario Odyssey had my attention when it was announced but it wasn’t that type of game that I was constantly searching up and trying to gather any little bit of info there was on the game. However, after watching the two new videos I do have to say that the game looks pretty solid.

I should note that a lot of people on both videos seem to really enjoy what Super Mario Odyssey has to offer. Honestly, I thought there was going to be a lot of troll comments as of this writing but is seems to be a lot of people genuinely excited for the game.

If you’re looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey, the game will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch come October 27th.


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