Destiny 2 Trailer Promises Gameplay But Only Delivers Cinematics
Destiny 2 - Zavala's Prelude
(Last Updated On: June 4, 2017)

Activision and Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2, a cinematic piece centering around one of the main characters of the sequel, Zavala. It’s aptly named “Zavala’s Prelude”.

The near three-minute trailer covers the trials and tribulations of Zavala, leading up to his current role in Destiny 2.

The trailer covers his early goings of dying, reviving, dying some more and reviving again, only to become stronger, wiser and more adept in both combat and surviving. You can check it out below.

After dying like a noob for the first half of the trailer, and giving a speech about getting stronger and not being a noob, we finally see Zavala becoming a badass, killing some of the multi-armed bad guys and saving some civilians alongside Nathan Fillion’s character, Cayde-6.

The trailer is a basic cinematic but there’s nothing there that you haven’t already seen before. Part of me thinks this will be the footage rolled out during either Sony or Microsoft’s E3 press conference just to generate the proverbial hype. All truth be told nothing of the game I’ve seen so far looks all that impressive. It just seems to be more of the same safe AAA shooter fanfare that we’ve been used to the past decade or so. I’m sure many fanboys will be excited nonetheless.

Destiny 2 - Cinematic

Oh look at that, she’s got her mouth prepped and ready just like those good little fanboys opening wide for when Activision releases all those microtransactions this fall.

A lot of people in the comment section of the trailer were angry because the title of the video mentions gameplay, but there is no gameplay anywhere to be seen in the video above.

Worse yet is that the cinematic doesn’t really do anything to make you care about Destiny 2. A character you don’t play, doing cool things you can’t do (such as his gun-fu with the assault rifle), beating up enemies in ways that you can’t imitate in the actual game just makes me groan.

Anyway, you can look for Destiny 2 to launch on PS4, Xbox One and exclusively on the Blizzard launcher for PC later this year. The console versions will be available starting September 8th.

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  • LurkerJK

    Cutscenes maybe sold me games when i was 14, thats a long long time ago, i do not give an f about them these days

    Even if i did plan to play this game (and to be honest i dont) i would let some time pass just to see how bad the dlcs, season passes and microtrasactions end up been, im not getting caught into a “buy the whole game twice!” scheme like taken king and the whole “ghost town server” issues that come with every multiplayer focused game

    • Disqusted

      I still haven’t played the Dark Souls 3 DLC because I already played the hell out of the game when it first came out. No more character slots left, and I don’t want to delete any. I can’t even back up the save and restore it because of cheat protection shit on Steam.

      The DLCs took so long to come out that I don’t remember all the item mechanics clearly, on top of all the patches that rebalanced and changed shit like the cost/effects of the spells, what can/can’t be equipped, etc.

      Makes me feel like I should have waited until after the DLCs were out and then played the proper full experience all at once. Way to ruin the experience.

      • LurkerJK

        Yeah, I experienced the same thing with scholar of the first sin, I’m still annoyed at that bullshit, I put ds3 in the “buy goatee edition on sale” list because of that

  • Laytonaster

    Been following this game. Bungie held a stream of the premier itself, which they archived. Primarily cinematic and precaptured stuff, though it does have a bit of gameplay of the first story mission.

    Also, they also allowed attendees to play the strike “Inverted Spire”, which they also allowed recording of. Such as here:

    They also let players record gameplay of PvP, which was limited to their new game mode “Countdown”, which is basically “destroy the enemy objectives”.

  • Disqusted

    A character you can’t play doing things you can’t do in-game reminds me of how I felt about Devil May Cry 4. I bet AAA companies believe that cinematics ARE the gameplay. Like how a lecturer at my game design class kept focusing hard on narrative and never really talked about actual gameplay.

    Not an AAA company, but this reminds me of the Blade Kitten game by Krome Studios. When the studio almost died in 2010, former devs were openly complaining about the behavior and decisions of the creative director(?) who created Blade Kitten: Too much time spent on too many cutscenes that weren’t polished, not enough on gameplay. This was 7 years ago now.

    I personally thought the gameplay was very lackluster. The game was locked at 30fps because the engine they used couldn’t handle the physics at 60fps.

    Edit: Found the link. Lots more comments on that article than I remember:
    Lots of devs comments on there. The ones I remember reading are on page 1 and 2. Just do a search on the page for “cutscenes”. Potentially useful insights on what can lead to the failure of a game and death of a game studio.

    Some good snippets:
    “This was at a time in the company when making good quality cutscenes was a focus for Krome, after having been burned in the past by publishers and reviewers for delivering poor scenes.”

    “To put things in perspective, Blade Kitten had a bigger cinematic scope than Clone Wars Republic Heroes, a project that was a high profile, retail, Lucas Arts game. It had more characters than Guardians of GaHool.

    Blade Kitten is a $20 downloadable. A few good quality cutscenes is all that project needed. Especially when you compare it to the other games on the market we were competing with. And the budget… The budget was supposed to be a fraction of these retail projects.

    You ask a good question, how important were the cutscenes? Important enough to be 40 minutes worth. But not important enough for him to want them to be good.”

    “Steve made the mistake of using way too many resources in Cinematics. The 40 odd mintues of cutscenes cost a fortune, those resources should have been directed at adding to the game play, not art, not code, but actually making a fun game to play.”

    • Mr.Towel

      As usual, it seems the problem runs down to clueless management.

      This industry has the very bizarre custom of putting people who don’t have any passion or experience with gaming, or even somewhat versed into game development, in decision making positions. I’ve never seen so much producers-for-hire in any other industry, maybe music industry, maybe. There are many mercenary producers at there too. But in the game’s industry I’ve seen people producing, making design decisions, even directing, who had never played a decent game in their entire lives, only party/friends game stuff, like FIFA, MLB, mobile cash-ins, some children’s game because of a son or something. It’s like if you had your average Gamestop Store owner become a “game developer” and decide how game devs should produce a game.

      When you start to notice that, you start to see it’s no wonder why people like Peter Moore ended up as the CEO of the Liverpool Soccerteam, after failing miserably at everything else at EA and Sega. He did right by his Microsoft years, but it seems it was more sheer luck than anything else. And this was the guy who had to help make the decision about killing off the Dreamcast! He obviously wasn’t the reason Dreamcast died but he also obviously shouldn’t be even near a decision making position about it.

      • Disqusted

        Yeah, I remember hearing that Australian companies (especially game companies) often have serious management issues.

        Good point about how only the gaming industry has so many producers who know nothing of what they’re producing. I never thought to compare it with other stuff before.

    • I almost bought Blade Kitten, too. I thought it looked cool but thanks for the forewarning. Sad that a mid-budget studio tried imitating an AAA project and failed.

      • Disqusted

        Some people liked it, so I dunno. The big thing I remember hating was that her blade moves independently of her, ie. her animations don’t change when the blade attacks.

        Can’t recall any other similar character like that. The character usually has to do some kind of motion/pose, because that feels good. Having the blade swinging by itself, with the wielder essentially ignoring it, feels so awful.

  • Mr.Towel

    I would say it’s a good game trailer, doesn’t mislead you, it is as soulless as the game itself.

    • Disqusted

      I love the caption on that screenshot.
      “Oh look at that, she’s got her mouth prepped and ready just like those
      good little fanboys opening wide for when Activision releases all those
      microtransactions this fall.”

  • Gorgon

    What was the point of that cinematic? It was such a cliche ridden generic bore, it actually turned me off the game.