Destiny 2 Trailer Promises Gameplay But Only Delivers Cinematics
Destiny 2 - Zavala's Prelude

Activision and Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2, a cinematic piece centering around one of the main characters of the sequel, Zavala. It’s aptly named “Zavala’s Prelude”.

The near three-minute trailer covers the trials and tribulations of Zavala, leading up to his current role in Destiny 2.

The trailer covers his early goings of dying, reviving, dying some more and reviving again, only to become stronger, wiser and more adept in both combat and surviving. You can check it out below.

After dying like a noob for the first half of the trailer, and giving a speech about getting stronger and not being a noob, we finally see Zavala becoming a badass, killing some of the multi-armed bad guys and saving some civilians alongside Nathan Fillion’s character, Cayde-6.

The trailer is a basic cinematic but there’s nothing there that you haven’t already seen before. Part of me thinks this will be the footage rolled out during either Sony or Microsoft’s E3 press conference just to generate the proverbial hype. All truth be told nothing of the game I’ve seen so far looks all that impressive. It just seems to be more of the same safe AAA shooter fanfare that we’ve been used to the past decade or so. I’m sure many fanboys will be excited nonetheless.

Destiny 2 - Cinematic

Oh look at that, she’s got her mouth prepped and ready just like those good little fanboys opening wide for when Activision releases all those microtransactions this fall.

A lot of people in the comment section of the trailer were angry because the title of the video mentions gameplay, but there is no gameplay anywhere to be seen in the video above.

Worse yet is that the cinematic doesn’t really do anything to make you care about Destiny 2. A character you don’t play, doing cool things you can’t do (such as his gun-fu with the assault rifle), beating up enemies in ways that you can’t imitate in the actual game just makes me groan.

Anyway, you can look for Destiny 2 to launch on PS4, Xbox One and exclusively on the Blizzard launcher for PC later this year. The console versions will be available starting September 8th.


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