Die Young: Early Access Walkthrough Guide
Die Young Walkthrough

If you’ve picked up the Early Access copy of Die Young from developers IndieGala, you may have been wondering how some of the things work, such as how to craft, how to stay hydrated, how to get water, and how to navigate. This beginner’s walkthrough will help you with a few of those things.

At the start of the game you’ll gain a map. Once you climb out of the hole you can save the game for the first time by lighting the camp fire. Just outside the hole there are some flowers and other items you can grab and eat to replenish small amounts of your health.

When you start off, you’ll only have a small amount of inventory space, so don’t fill it up with useless things. You’ll likely want to make some healing powder, which can be down using several herbs known as “Mom’s Favorite”. You can pick them up from nearby, mostly located within the plants just outside the hole.

Follow the pathways until you get to a ruined cottage area where there is some water in a well.

You’ll be able to save your game and learn a bit more about the island.

Your next goal is to find the coastal tower. However, if you reach the cottage area you can climb up on the roofs and hop inside where there’s a wrench and a few supplies.

Eat frequently to restore your hydration. With the bindings you find inside the house and the wrench handy, you’ll be able to repair the water pump, as indicated in the video below from MediaGamesGuide.

You can craft items by simply opening your inventory screen and switching over to the crafting tab. If you have the necessary items to craft something from the list, it will be highlighted and you can simply click the crafting button to make the item. If you don’t have the item then you will have to scavenge for the items.

If you move past the manor ruins you’ll make your way to the temple ruins where there’s a body strung up on the tree. There’s a crowbar nearby the body. Take the crowbar.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are hunters roaming the countryside. They will be alerted by your presence if you make too much noise, such as causing birds to fly away, or if you get spotted in their direct line of sight.

You can scale and climb around in the environment using the various platforms. Much like Mirror’s Edge, once you get close to the platform you’ll be able to climb up a ledge or platform.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are some small crawlspaces you can move through. You’ll find the crawlspaces sometimes near buildings or houses.

Also, the wrench and crowbar and other items you collect or use as weapons will degrade over time as you use them more and more. So be sure to use them sparingly to avoid them breaking on you.

If you find yourself through the crawlspace leading into the cave under the manor, you’ll need to complete a jumping puzzle in order to make your way back up and out of the cave.

Once you get through the manor with the ancient alchemy books, you’ll need to climb up the wall in order to get around the locked door.

Head down and into the area with the girl’s dead body and the letter.

You’ll need to platform your way through the maze-like house, avoiding the dogs and other hazards along the way. The path is actually quite linear as it leads you up, around, through, down and over into the manor’s farm area. You’ll find plenty of new herbs and supplies to make stuff with if you didn’t already have an inventory full of gear.


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