Digital Extremes Shut Down Warframe Void_Glitch Repository Due To Spoilers


Digital Extremes sent out a cease and desist letter to the owner of the Void_Glitch Repository, a stat-tracking site that dumped all of Warframes stats online for people to view, claiming that the reason it had to shut down was because it featured story spoilers.

PCGamesN is reporting that the Warframe community is none too happy with the move from Digital Extremes, as many gamers used the repository to track stats, understand droprates, and monitor the RNG.

According to a statement from Digital Extremes representative, Rebecca, she claims it was due to the site data-mining and posting spoilers of the game’s story, mentioning…

“For almost three years we turned a blind eye knowing that the parts of the community found value in these [statistics],” Rebecca says. “Then our unreleased quest scripts got datamined which we spoke on in this subreddit – we encouraged people not to read it and continued working on what we hoped would remain a surprise.


“Then Umbra Screenshots and Primed Streamline screenshots appeared. Then we investigated how those things came to be. Then our blind eye was forced to act when our game was being directly affected in extremely dangerous ways.”

According to a response from Void_Glitch, he didn’t mean for spoilers to be posted, but he mentioned that it’s an important repository for the Warframe community so they can track droprates, item stats, and other important information regarding the behind-the-scenes number crunching going on in Warframe. Void_Glitch stated…

“Maybe uploading Languages.bin is it a bit excessive, but there is mass desire for DropTables and MissionDecks as I am told. Under your legal constraint, I cannot actually upload without fear of a lawsuit, but I only do this to help the community, not to damage your game or to slander your company.”

He says he’s willing to work with Digital Extremes to provide a workaround, and if Digital Extremes is actually sincere, maybe something can be worked out.

It seems odd that if the story spoilers really were an issue why wouldn’t they just have him excise that content from the site but leave all the numbers?