DiRT 4 Releases On Xbox One, PS4, PC With Adrenaline-Pumping Launch Trailer
DiRt 4

Codemasters unveiled the official launch trailer for DiRT 4, which is set to go live on June 9th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Europe and it’s currently available starting today in the U.S. The game has been moderately promoted leading up to its release on home consoles and PC, with the biggest selling point being the ability to make use of arcade-style controls or simulation controls.

The launch trailer keeps it simple, clocking in at just over a minute and featuring a variety of different races that players can encounter when the rally game goes live later this week. You can check it out below to snag a look at the game in action.

Having the trailer run at 60 frames per second really helped highlight just how smooth and how fast the game really is. We get a brief collage of different race tracks and scenarios in action, including the new Rallycross features and the all new Your Stage procedural track creation system, so that you’ll be able to experience brand new racing challenges each and every time you play.

I know some people really hate procedural creation in some games because it limits the uniqueness of the level layouts and designs, but in the case of a racing game, it can really help add lots of new new replayability to the fold and breathe some additional life into the longevity of the gameplay.

But even beyond the whole Your Stage system, there are 50 different vehicles to master across a numbers of different rally disciplines, including buggies, trucks and short-course challenges, and there’s also the DiRT Academy where players can learn how to master the all new Arcade and Simulation style control systems.

On top of all of this is a career mode, a new generation of Codemasters’ Racenet for online multiplayer, tournaments, cross-platformer leaderboards and matchmaking, along with tuning features, damage systems, and a new repair module.

There’s a ton of content that they have packed into the upcoming release of DiRT 4. From a content perspective it looks like it might be well worth the price of admission, but it’s always best to check the reviews first before diving in.

For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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