Dog Duty, Isometric Co-op Action Game Set To Hit Steam September 29th

If you are looking for an isometric shooter that focuses on explosions and killing hordes of henchmen on an island, all done in a bombastic way, I think you might find Zanardi and Liza’s Dog Duty to be something of interest. Not too long ago the devs posted up the game’s Steam Early Access release date, which happens to be September 29th, 2017.

Isometric shooters, in some cases, sport both hardcore skill and fun elements, and it’s something that the team want to highlight with the release of Dog Duty. Additionally, a game that was once on Steam Greenlight is looking to bring the above and comes in by indie devs Zanardi and Liza. Entitled as Dog Duty, the official description for the top-down action shooter lies below:

“Drive a small band of misfits on a open world island, using guerrilla tactics to sabotage the Evil Octopus Army. Dismantle key locations, pilfer enemy supply, rescue teammates with unique skills and loot the enemy hardware. Real Time Squad Combat, high speed, low drag!”

The game channels that feeling of a small team going into a well fortified island behind enemy lines (with guns blazing) and must complete their objective and come out alive… even if it means blowing the whole island to smithereens.

Vehicles will play a huge part in traversing the island and completing missions. In addition to the vehicles in Dog Duty, they can stand as a stage within a stage in that a mission will task players to retrieve a truck and while driving said vehicle, the camera will zoom out and show a new perspective treating the vehicle segment as a new part in the same stage.

You can check out both videos showing gameplay of Dog Duty that covers the Evil Octopus Army, vehicles, gun play, and how the real-time squad combat operates in the arcade-like game.

Dog Duty is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access on September 29th. More information regarding this game can be found over on