E3 2017: Absolver Was Based On Kung-Fu Classics, Traditional Martial Arts


During this year’s E3, IGN managed to get their hands on exclusive footage of Devolver and Sloclap’s Absolver.

The developers talked about the gameplay and the deck building aspects of Absolver with a 17 minute gameplay demonstration, which you can check out below.

They mention that players will have one of three basic fighting styles to choose from at the beginning, and through playing and unlocking moves, you’ll be able to unlock new moves and even access hidden styles like the drunken boxing style.

The two lead animators on the project are avid martial artists and they based many of the moves and styles on traditional Chinese martial arts and kung-fu. Some of their research included basing the key-framed, hand-animated movements on techniques and motions from martial artists they watched on YouTube and old kung-fu classic films.

As players level up and earn new cards to fight against other players, they can use these cards to build a combat deck. The combat deck is composed of attack cards that can fit into four different fighting stances that you can use during the gameplay.

One of the things they mention is that as you get stronger you can start your own school of martial arts based on your combat deck. You can then mentor other players with your deck, and help other players grow stronger using your skills.

You can also acquire weapons and develop specific combat decks based around the weapons. When you get to the altar within the small maps you can swap in or swap out moves just in case you find out that one of your moves may need some modifying.

You can also use the altars to switch between the different game modes.

One of the the things they mention is that if you successfully block or parry a move three times in a row you can automatically learn that move and have it added into your combat deck.

Additionally, you gain EXP and learn new moves when fighting against other players who know moves you don’t know. However, in order to earn EXP and retain the moves you learned during the fight, you must win. Anyone who chickens out and runs away or dies, will lose everything they gained during that fight.

There’s a closed beta running for Absolver, which will be available until June 26th. They plan on releasing the game in full on PC and PS4 on August 29th, 2017 later this year.

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