E3 2017: Agony Gameplay Preview Shows How True Horror-Survival Should Be
Agony E3 2017
(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

The upcoming game Agony from developers MadMind Studios managed to make an appearance during this year’s E3. Both Agony and Scorn have received a lot of fanfare moving through the development phase thanks to their truly original visual atmospheres and their equally disturbing adult subject matter. In the case of Agony, the game takes place through the various stages of hell, and the E3 2017 demonstration specifically highlights the Floating Forest level.

You can check out the 16 minute gameplay demonstration below courtesy of YouTuber MKIceandFire.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered game really does have a crazy looking art-style.

The demo starts with a damned soul crawling out of the lack of misery onto the beach of the floating forest. He coughs up blood while a seductive demon eats the flesh off another soul. Players take on the role of the damned soul who crawled up on the beach.

While moving slowly through the forest, the objective is to basically stay out of sight and avoid becoming just another victim until you can get your hands on some kind weapon.

Fire seems to work well enough. You can actually grab torches and use them to light the environment on fire, creating blockades and fire walls to keep the other demons at bay. What’s cool here is that fire can also hurt the player character so you must be careful how you use it.

Nearly every aspect of the forest has some sort of danger lurking about. Players have a mix of stealth and some brief combat they can use in an attempt to defend themselves or fight back. It’s obviously not going to be a cake-walk of a time.

In a way, this feels like how horror-survival should be… that your offensive measures are mostly to help you survive as opposed to having nothing at your disposal or having too much firepower at your disposal.

Art-wise, Agony is one of the most visually creative games out there. It truly looks like hell and what I imagine most people would imagine it to be like, with torture, and suffering, and all sorts of horrible things lining the walls and grasping at your heels, and flying in the sky.

In one segment a bunch of damned souls reach out from the ground and begin to grab and claw at the player.

The only thing I think would make the game more horrifying is if the dialogue was actually voiced in Latin. But otherwise, Agony looks like a very disturbing trip into the unknown.

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  • Paradox Reign

    I always dreamed of playing as a demon from hell in such a gory and dark emvironment. I just love this kind of topic and to see that you can actually fight in a horror “survival” game, makes me even more happy. I hope so much that this games stays this way as it is right now. Because then, and only then, I will buy it.

    But you know what I really would love to see? A game like this, where you can switch between earth and a hellish place in a form of a sandbox game, where you unlesh you darkest desires…. if such a game comes out one day… I won’t buy any game anymore, because then… I found my most wanted game.

  • durka durka

    Its a walkking sim and very slow and repettive, why are people so exicted about this? Cuz hell.

    • Bro, really? Walking sim? You get weapons, special powers, the ability to possess lesser souls, tons of gore and mutilation and lots of horror and ways to die.

      Usually we classify walking sims as games without (or with very few) fail states. That is not Agony.

      • fnd

        You forgot hellish tiddies

        • I can’t believe I forgot about them. Keep in mind that they’re dangerous tiddies, though.

  • Disqusted

    Looks like a normal day in SJW land. Or how the “resist” cultists see every day of the Trump administration. Or how the mainstream media depicts gaming, GamerGate, Trump, popular YouTubers, men in general, etc, etc.

    I think I’ve seen these visuals so often in games that I don’t feel much from them anymore. Fire related mechanics looked nice, though.

    • LOL… what games have you been playing where there’s brimstone everywhere and a hellscape on the horizon?

  • Bamf

    I don’t like horror, but the game looks beautiful and interesting.

  • tajlund

    Uhoh. Dead naked womyn. SJW trigger alert.