E3 2017: ARMS To Receive Max Brass In July, Spectator Mode This Month
ARMS - Max Brass

Free content is scheduled to arrive for ARMS directly after it releases tomorrow on Friday, June 16th. Later into the month, the first major update for the game will be the free spectator mode. The spectator mode was originally introduced during the ARMS e-sports invitational that took place during the Nintendo Treehouse live-stream, but gamers who pick up a copy of the title will be able to get their hands on it sometime before June is out.

ARMS features an eclectic roster of unique fighters with a wide range of different attachments they can bring with them into battles. During the video we got to see some of the new tutorial and training modes where players can learn how to dodge, counter-attack, grab and defend, as well as some of the PvE content and some of the new maps that were not present during the Global Testpunch a few weeks ago.

What’s more is that there’s a brand new character set to arrive in ARMS next month named Max Brass. We got to see him in action during the Treehouse stream, which you can check out below.


One of the reasons Max Brass is coming in July and not June is because according to ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki-san, he wants to keep the gameplay and the combat and the roster constantly changing. The introduction of Max is supposed to disrupt the balance of the game, especially for players who have become comfortable learning how to play all the characters and adjusting to all of their movesets and abilities.

Kosuke Yabuki

Accordingly, Yabuki-san mentioned that they have plans on rolling out lots of free content throughout the year for ARMS because they want people to keep coming back or gaining new players throughout its lifespan on the market. During the live-stream he stated…

“In that same way we want to keep adding free content, free modes, to keep growing this new ARMS game that we just made.”

You can look to get your hands on ARMS for the Nintendo Switch starting tomorrow on June 16th. Look for the free updates to arrive thereafter heading toward the end of the month and into summer.


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