E3 2017: Assassin’s Creed: Origins Trailers Cover Origin Story, Awful Looking Combat Mechanics
Assassin's Creed Origins
(Last Updated On: June 12, 2017)

Ubisoft revealed the new Assassin’s Creed: Origins trailer featuring the origins of the Assassin order and how they came to war with the Templar for over the course of millennia. The lead character is an Egyptian named Bayek, an outcast who makes a return to Egypt after two years.

The game features bow and arrows, a completely overhauled combat system similar to hack-and-slash games like Dark Souls as opposed to the traditional puppeteer controls that defined the earlier Assassin’s Creed titles.

The original debut trailer dropped during the Xbox press conference.

The game is typical Assassin’s Creed fanfare, but there was a lot of debates, feedback, criticisms and arguments about whether or not Egyptians were white or black, which is the least problematic issue with Origins (which is obviously the piss poor, fake-arse Dark Souls inspired combat mechanics).

Some are angry that Bayek is depicted with darker skin; others claim that Egyptians were black; actual Egyptians are telling everyone else to STFU.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to get decent impressions about Assassin’s Creed: Origins from the comment sections across various trailers because this is what the comment sections look like.

There were some actual comments below all of the “we wuz kangs” comments, such as the one below, but it was still themed around the race of the Egyptian people…

The only problem with the comment is that there were dark skinned Egyptians in the trailers and demos but I’m not sure exactly where the black characters were? The main character does sound like he’s voiced by a black guy, but he’s still clearly Arab. You get to see him up close in the demo below.

Now there are darker skinned Egyptians featured in the game but they certainly don’t look South or East African.

Unfortunately the rise of SJWs turning everything into a pity-party of racial safe-spaces, overbearing discussions of oppression, and constant animosity beefed up between races hasn’t done well for race relations anywhere in the world. All according to Soros’ plans I’m sure. It’s definitely something some people noticed in some of the videos for Origins.

Anyway, the feedback across some of the other sites is mostly just overtly positive hype and a lot of “I’m going to pre-order this!”

Only a few people noted that the combat has taken a huge step backwards compared to the cinematic, manual-mechanics that Ubisoft managed to peak in their excellence with Assassin’s Creed III. Since then they’ve been on a downward slope with the combat mechanics.

The new game focuses on hit-boxes and spacing as opposed to the standard timing mechanics and fluent animation prompts in order to execute instant kills and string together sequenced combo-kills. Sadly that doesn’t look like it’s going to be possible in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

You can look for Assassin’s Creed: Origins to launch for the Xbox One X, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 27th, 2017.

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  • blackdreamhunk

    Going to add this right here because this talks about where Arabs were at the time of Egyptians.

  • blackdreamhunk

    this what an Egyptians looked please show me were you see any Arabs, real talk. Where are the images of Arabs in Egyptians tomes? were are all your eyewitness accounts of ancient Egyptians being just tanned look? What does hot sun light do to white or just tanned skin?

  • Clint Blake

    Made by the team who made that piece of shit called Black Flag, influenced by Witcher 3 (the single most overrated game of all time) and melee combat done with the shoulder/trigger buttons. I’m not optimistic.

  • RockstarRepublic

    Ayo, Hol up!

    No but in all seriousness. Anyone claiming to be an actual egypitian is full of ****. Egypt as it is now is filled with Arabs. Arabs were not the people of Ancient Egypt. In fact Greeks like Alexander the Great (Alexandria) and the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty go as far back as 323BC as the major figures in (and rulers of) Egypt. The Arab invasion came long after the fall of the Roman empire, which was weak from 600 years of war with the Persian Empire. Both suffered heavily when Arabs came out to attack them and their lands when they were weak.

    Thats what lead to the current situation with most of northern Africa being Arab, however prior to the Islamic invasion it was largely Greek, as well as those indo-europeans from Asia Minor which was just a tad east of Greece.

    Anyone claiming to be Egyptian now is lying, they are just the occupying Arabs that are currently sitting on the land. They have no more say than sub-saharan africans do.

    Sub-Saharan Africans generally stayed in Sub-Saharan Africa, not venturing out until after the Arab and African tribes set up the transafrican slave trade.

  • blackdreamhunk

    Egypt is a sister city to the nubains or the kingdom of Cush

  • blackdreamhunk

    Ancient Egypt was black People do know that Arabs invaded africa right

  • totenglocke

    Why do you have a problem with them making combat more involved than “just mash x”?

    • More “involved”? Janky combat like in Origins looks terrible.

      In the old AC games you had to micromanage a lot if you wanted to pull off quick kills and string together proper combos. It doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible if you have a lock-on feature like in Dark Souls.

      You definitely had to mash more than just ‘X’ after AC: Brotherhood. You’re thinking about Batman: Arkham games where you could get away with just repeatedly smashing ‘X’.

      In AC3 in particular the combat was kind of layered and complex, but once the controls got figured out and attack/parry/disarm mechanics were mastered that game had one of the most enjoyable looking, cinematic combat systems ever featured in a game.


      I hated how they dumbed it down after that in AC4 and especially in AC: Unity and even more in AC: Syndicate. AC: Syndicate was a travesty, and they managed to dumb it down even more in AC: Origins.

      • totenglocke

        I played all of the earlier AC games through AC 3. Literally all you have to do for combat is hold the shoulder button to guard, then hit a button and counter. That’s not involved combat at all. At least the Origins has dodging and blocking.

        • What? Dude you must have played on easy mode, because if you just hold the dodge button in AC3 you will die. In AC2 + AC: Brotherhood you could just hold down the counter button and counter-kill your way out of every situation. If you tried doing that in AC3 they would parry your counter and punch you in the face and then stab you in the back. Anyone who says you just hold down B/Circle either didn’t play the game or played on easy mode.

          You had to alternate your attacks for every type of enemy and frequently use Triangle/Y to counter long-ranged attacks by using human shields, and also use the RT to pull off CQC combo kills with long range weapons. Also, you had to disarm some of the enemies before killing them, so that’s how I know you either didn’t play the game or played very poorly. In the video I linked below they literally showcase all the different attacks required to kill the tougher opponents. You could not just hold the shoulder button (and it wasn’t even the shoulder button in AC3, you had to tap B/Circle at the prompt).

          • totenglocke

            Nope, you’re just remembering the game through nostalgia goggles. I just finished AC 3 a few months ago. Yeah, there’s like 5% of enemies that you have to disarm (through countering) before killing them. It still doesn’t make the combat even half as involved as you’re pretending. Go play them again, the combat is a joke.

          • I just recently replayed it because the combat is not a joke. Batman Arkham’s combat is the joke. Rapidly tap X like an autist until you need to type Y to counter.

            AC3 had the right balance of challenge and the absolute best cinematic quality to the fights.

            Only a shill would say that janky looking mess in that AC: Origins video looked good. Like, come on man? The animations skipped. I could see where the set started and ended between the block and the attack from the enemy. That teleporting slide looks ridiculous, and the cinematic visuals from AC: Revelations and AC3 have been replaced with a poor man’s Dark Souls over-the-shoulder combat, like an even worse version of AC: Syndicate.

            One of the best parts about AC3 was that at least all the fights could look really, really cool, just like that fight scene from Mel Gibson’s The Patriot.

            In AC: Origins the fights look like two autistic Parkinson victims trying to stave off a life-threatening stroke while playing pin the tail on the donkey using ancient Egyptian weapons.

  • Grey

    Wasn’t this played out series supposed to be getting a long nap?

    Wonder if this time around, you’ll get another one of those amazing World War 2 turret sequences. Maybe for a more culturally relevant take, we’ll cut away from ancient Egypt so you can punch Nazis who are putting on a Free Speech rally.

  • Pratim Gupta

    This Kangz joke is bull at this point, just let us enjoy the game, 4chan trolls. cancer on the internet

    • SoAdxSubzero

      The we was kangz is mocking black supremacy and blacks that hate whites. Its a meme and to make fun of those idiots. Cause blacks say Egypt’s people were all black and they say that white people are the devil . Google we was kangz.

      • Pratim Gupta

        There is no supremacy, there is no pure people, there is nothing left. our blood has been mixed up that it has no ‘pure’ gene left



        There were both Caucasoid and Negroid in Egypt, there is no way now to determine what 100% they were


        there were Libyan,Nubian,Asiatic and native Egyptians. these 4 were believed to inhabit Ancient Egypt

        • I always find it hilarious when people use one or two samples to get an idea of who controlled what from thousands of years ago.

          Imagine 4,000 years from now a group of scientists find a fossilized low-rider in a West Coast Customs shop with a human skeleton inside that’s been buried underground. They would automatically assume all of the United States was occupied by Paco and illegal immigrants from Mexico, rewriting history that the good ‘ole U.S.A., was formed and occupied by a majority of Mexicans.

          • Pratim Gupta

            couldn’t have said it better myself

  • GuyverOne

    His dodge/parry looked like he was moonwalking and did his arrow curve down the steps at the end.

    • did his arrow curve down the steps at the end.


      • totenglocke

        Arrows fly in a parabolic arc, you know….

  • ItEotWaWKI

    I’m not an idiot, I don’t pre-order. However, provided user feedback for the game doesn’t consist of “It crashes if you so much as look at it funny” or “It’s so unoptimized, it requires the latest, cutting edge hardware to run at 1080/30” I’m totally buying this shortly after release.

    I don’t even give a shit about the inevitable SJW garbage. It’s ancient Egypt. The only way they could have secured my money more is if they had shown the player navigating a trap filled tomb, or mythological Egyptian gods wandering amongst the people/battling each other.

    • descent3031

      I haven’t played an AC game since Black Flag (which I hated other than the amazing sea stuff), but I agree the setting alone is threatening to pull me in on this one.

      I was also pretty pleased to hear they were changing up the combat, but after watching this I think Billy’s description “piss poor, fake-arse Dark Souls inspired combat mechanics” is worryingly apt. The way the camera doesn’t keep up, ugh. Also, having weird shiny shit and slightly stilted animation looks OK with big Kronenbergy enemies.. Not so much with people.

      • totenglocke

        “The way the camera doesn’t keep up, ugh.”

        Hence why there was the massive “ALPHA GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE” warning in the bottom corner.

        • descent3031

          Really? You’re going to pull that? Ubisoft has been doing AC for some time now, and they frequently balls it up. Did Unity ship with the massive “ALPHA GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE”?

          Granted, it’s not the final product. Sure it may improve. Sure you can take one line of what I said and try to give it your own context. I’ll remain sceptical since Ubisoft haven’t made enjoyable AC gameplay since the first one IMO.

        • elvish

          people are still naive enough to fall for that pre alpha crap? Ubisoft downgrades their games from e3, an upgrade is out of the question!! Even after seeing that game after game, people still don’t realize that. Maybe ubisoft is right to take money from stupid people like these.

          • Added to this, the game is three months out from going gold. There is very little changing from now until release.

  • Louis
    • Wow it’s weird but the semblance is there.

      It’s also weird but every time he chokes the chicken he’s also giving himself autofellatio. That’s an amazing feat.