E3 2017: Call Of Duty WW2 Beta And Gameplay Revealed
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

Although I may not like Call of Duty: WW2, fans who happen to like the ongoing series and games, especially the new title by Activision and Sledgehammer Games, will be able to learn when the beta beta dates begin and also watch three videos showing a trailer and gameplay footage. CoD:WW2 will be released on November 3rd, 2017, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are new to the scene and have no ideal what the whole Beta scene has to offer you as a CoD:WW2 fan, I think that this image splash below should help you figure out what you are about to get into if you are looking to play CoD:WW2 early on PS4 and Xbox One.

Did you catch that? If not, in layman terms, Call of Duty: WW2 will sport a private Beta that will launch on separate dates for PS4 users and for gamers on Xbox One. PlayStation users will gain a heads up and will have access to the private Beta one week prior to folks on Xbox One on Weekend 1, with the PS4 private Beta starting on August 25th and ending on the 28th of 2017. Both PS4 and Xbox One owners will gain access to the Weekend 2 private Beta on September 1st until September 4th, 2017.

I should note a caveat here, the private Beta will be open only to customers who have pre-ordered Call of Duty: WW2. A code will be given to said users in which the code must be entered to play the upcoming private Beta. You can learn more about the private Beta by heading on over to callofduty.com.

Enough of me jabbering about features and now on to the trailer. The multiplayer reveal trailer runs for two minutes and 36 seconds and comes in by Call of Duty.

Up next comes actual gameplay footage of CoD:WW2 multiplayer mode. Courtesy of YouTuber Chaos, you can feast your eyes on the latest gameplay footage of said WW2 game.

Call of Duty: WW2 is slatted to release on November 3rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As noted above, the private Beta will be open to PS4 users on August 25th and for both PS4 and Xbox One users on September 1st.

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    Am I the only one that honestly really just doesn’t give a shit? It’s multiplayer. If they want to include female avatars in MULTIPLAYER, who cares? As long as the campaign remains competent, I could give two shits about what they include in MULTIPLAYER.

    • Are people complaining about females in multiplayer? I haven’t really bothered to check. I know there were definitely some issues about how prevalent they would be in the campaign.

      Funny because there were women in the campaign and multiplayer of Blops 3 and Infinite Warfare and most people didn’t mind or care, but once Sledgehammer started virtue signaling it’s like they’ve already lost.

      • MONAD

        I’ve seen a few posts about people bitching about it, and it being “unrealistic” for WWII. Dude. I just want a fun multiplayer experience. I don’t give a shit about “unrealistic”, ’cause honestly, it’s video games. I’ve really just gotten to the point where all the bitching over this shit is starting to become physically exhausting. I just don’t care anymore.

        Also, “unrealistic” and “not historically accurate”. Why the fuck are you looking for historical accuracy in a first person shooter of all things?

  • Keystone

    >Women soldiers on the front lines
    >Replaced Nazi swastika for the Iron Cross to avoid hurting fee fees
    >Same Allied campaign we’ve played 500 times by now

    Nope, no thanks. Had enough of this politically correct revisionist bullshit in games based off WW1 + 2. And would it kill them to throw in a German campaign for one of these games? It could work if they put the effort in.

    And spare me the pedantic “Well achktsually there were women in the Russian army and resistance forces in Europe” argument. Yeah, we know, and their efforts were indeed heroic. Doesn’t change the fact these developers are trying to rewrite history to be on the good side of social justice authoritarians who have more in common with Nazi fascists than the people they call Hitler and project their hatred onto.

    • descent3031

      ” And would it kill them to throw in a German campaign for one of these games? It could work if they put the effort in.”

      Wouldn’t even have to be a whole campaign IMO. I think it’d be interesting to play several different perspectives in one campaign, similar to how they did it in MW but cross-factional. Play as a Pom, Yank, Jap and Jerry.. Maybe you even kill one of the characters you were playing as at another stage.

      Would be cool if say the German has this whole interesting story you play for 3 hours or w.e, then he’s casually killed by the English guy with no more fanfare than any other guy you mow down.

    • Pratim Gupta

      Wolfenstein 2 added full blown Nazi, 4chan gets butthurt over killing Nazis. the women who fought didn’t do voluntarily, they were forced or desperate to do so.

    • Feli Aslan

      What triggers me most is that we get to play french whores who were so affraid of defending their homeland that they let the germans occupy it and then let their women defend it, but are unable to play once as the unsung heroes of WWII, the brave and honorable men of the Wehrmacht.