E3 2017: Fortnite Trailer Revives The Game From Vaporware Status
Fortnite E3 Trailer

Man, I completely forgot about Fortnite. The zombie survival game has made a return to form after it was originally announced way back in 2011. Yes, it’s been six years and the game still hasn’t come out. I know people give RSI and CIG a lot of flak for the long development cycle for Star Citizen, but heck at least they’re trying to do something ambitious. What the heck was Epic doing for six years?

Anyway, the trailer points out that the game will make a return to form at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. You can check out the E3 hype trailer below courtesy of MathChief.

Like anyone else who noticed that this was a game that was in development back when Cliffy B., wasn’t retired and was working with Epic Games, the comment section is filled with people who thought this game was little more than vaporware. Apparently Epic Games wanted to prove to people that it isn’t.

The theme of the game was that it was based on building a fort, collecting loot and lots of zombies to shoot down.

The trailer is actually pretty impressive because the open-world environment actually looks interesting to explore.

The bespoke forts reminds me of 7 Days to Die. The other cool part is that there’s a tower defense element to the game where you can build up traps, create blockades and even strategically lure zombies through your defensive setup to make it easier to kill them.

The visual aesthetic reminds me of Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive. However, it actually looks like an extremely fun game to play. The platforming looks solid, the shooting looks serviceable, and the crafting seems inventive. Heck, even the scavenging and looting looks kind of fun. That or maybe as a gamer I’ve been so deprived of anything that looks fun coming out of a major studio that the fact that this game is recycling a lot of emergent-indie-game-survival concepts just has me giddy for something with the polish and prestige of an AAA outing.

Anyway, they don’t hammer out a release date yet, but hopefully they have something in mind after five years of development. We’ll likely find out during E3.

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