E3 2017: Greedfall Art Inspired By Flemish Oil Paintings, Features Multiple Endings

Greedfall - Art-style

Spiders and Focus Home Interactive are working Greedfall sort of went dark after first being announced. Focus Home Interactive, however, had a very strong presence at this year’s E3 and their various games managed to get some spotlight at the convention.

The game is set in a fictional 17th century fantasy universe. Spiders based the art-style around the Dutch Flemish oil painting movement, which is quite obvious once you see the trailer.The style of art centers around Autumn-themed color palettes and an oil-painting look with a strong theme around Baroque era still life.

The story itself centers around a plague attacking the people in the mainland, and groups of hunters, explorers, pilgrims and scientists attempting to travel to an island in order to find a cure. On the island they find out that there is another group living there, and all is not what it seems.

Details on Greedfall’s combat and story are outlined in the video below courtesy of PlayStation Access.

The game will focus more on role-playing diplomacy than the combat that it seemed to center on in the initial cinematic trailer. Players will have some combat to deal with, though, and it’s possible to craft items, armor and weapons, including swords, maces, and one-handed guns. There will also be three major combat styles, including two-handed weapons, dual-wielding and sword and gun loadouts.

However, it’s stressed in the interview that the main focus is on diplomacy. So how well does diplomacy work in the game? For one, different factions will treat you differently depending on who your companions are and who your alliances are aligned with. Some factions or groups may reject you if you’re teammates with a certain person or have a close relationship with a certain character. You will be able to swap out your teammates, however, which sounds like it might happen when traveling to certain towns.

Greedfall - Flemish Art

Speaking of towns, there will be three major cities. The game won’t be a full open-world RPG, but it will feature various key locations to visit based around the three major factions in the game, including the Religious groups, the Merchants and the Scientists.

The game will also have multiple endings depending on your choices, but the endings won’t be classified as “good” or “bad” endings based on moral gradients. Instead it’s explained that the endings will simply be the result of the choices you make to reflect the decisions you made throughout the story.

Also, for those who aren’t too keen on combat, the casual story mode will allow you to focus more on the role-playing aspects instead of the skill leveling and ability stacking or the strategic combat mechanics. The casual story mode will make it so that the fights are easier, the AI is less aggressive and there’s less of a struggle during fights.

However, if you’re really into the full-on combat experience and you’re not afraid to let your thumbs get sweaty and your palms clammy, there’s a higher difficulty where more tactical combat prowess is required to advance through the game. It was described as an “Extreme” mode. I’m assuming there’s also something in between for the more moderate player.

Greedfall is due out in 2018 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.