E3 2017: Metro Exodus Due For Release On XOX, PS4, PC In 2018
Metro Exodus

The Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4 and PC will receive a new entry in 4A Games’ Metro series based on the Metro novels by writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The new game is called Metro Exodus and is due for release at some point in 2018.

The new game is still a first-person shooter following the adventures of Artyom, who was the surviving protagonists in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. In Metro: Exodus players will have a returning horror-survival experience as they make their way through a somewhat post-apocalyptic Russia, scavenging supplies through the metro tunnel systems, gathering up oxygen for the gas mask, collecting and bartering for ammo for the guns, and deciding the fate of the companions who join Artyom on his journey across the frigid Russian wastelands.

New to the game is a day and night cycle with a real-time weather system, along with expanded open-world, non-linear gameplay. You can check out an in-engine demonstration of what 4A is working on with the trailer below, courtesy of GamersPrey.

Given that it’s in-engine we can at least glean from this that the graphics are representative of what the actual game will look like. What’s not representative of the game is the actual gameplay and behaviorism we see from the AI. A lot of that is scripted.

However, just because some smoke and mirrors were used doesn’t mean it’s all smoke and mirrors. We do get to see how the inventory will work, map and navigation systems will operate, and how the weapons will handle. Much of it is very similar to the previous two Metro games, but with the added flash and panache for the newer generation of hardware.


If I did have a gripe with the game it would be with the fact that a lot of the color tones seem to blend between the player-models and the environments. There’s a bit of a matted look to the palette so that everything feels a little washed out with autumn colors. It just makes it a little difficult to make things out because it all seems to blend a bit too much.

Nevertheless, the game is still a year out from release, so I’m sure PC gamers will have plenty to fiddle around with in order to make the most out of the tonal range and color mixing with the Nvidia control panel.

Metro: Exodus has been in development for the last three years at the Malta and Kyiv studios at 4A Games, so hopefully it reflects the level of polish that the teams have put into it over the last several years.


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